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    5 products I regret NOT buying

    I’ve seen some blogs and youtube videos about the products people regret buying. I wanted to make it a little bit more positive and talk about the products I would’ve loved to have but I wasn’t able to buy. Brands come out with limited edition products which aren’t always easy to get and so I wanted to talk about the 5 products I regret not buying.

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    Kylie Cosmetics: Sorta Sweet palette & 3 lipliners

    Do you sometimes have these moments that you see a makeup product and you instantly fall in love? I have those moments and I really had that with the Kylie Cosmetics: Sorta Sweet palette. Therefore, when she revealed this palette I just knew I had to get it. She later came out with 3 new liplinersย and since I don’t really have a lot of lipliners, I decided to order these as well. Today I’ll be reviewing all these products!

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills: Norvina palette

    I have been following Norvina for quite a while now because I think she has a cute and outgoing personality. Moreover, I like her view on the beauty industry. I really feel like she is passionate about makeup. When Anastasia Beverly Hills announced the Norvina palette I already knew it would look great! As a result, I was pretty quick sold and bought it. Time to review this beauty!

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    Kylie Cosmetics: The Kris Collection

    Kylie Jenner decided to make a Mothers day collection with her mom Kris Jenner and I was super excited about this! Kris announced her collection by hacking the Kylie Cosmetics social media pages and called it Kris Cosmetics for a while. So hilarious and well thought! Let’s go into further details about this collection.

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    Organizing: Makeup storage ideas

    My number one passion is definitely makeup and I love spending so much time reviewing it, using it and just buying it as well lol. But one of the things I also like to see and do is organizing. I love seeing super clean and perfect organized drawers, closets etc. That’s why I wanted to share some of the makeup storage ideas I saw browsing Pinterest.

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    Huda Beauty: Wifey Liquid Matte

    Huda Beauty is a little bit harder to get in my country. It’s possible to order this online but you’ll have customs charges. When I was in NYC I had to get myself some Huda Beauty products to try out and one of the things I’ve got is their Liquid Matte lipstick in the color Wifey.