Tuesdays Tips: how to contour

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On this Tuesdays Tips I’ll explain how to contour and bronze your face. It can be a little difficult to find the right places and good colors don’t worry, I want to help you out with this blog post!

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Tuesdays Tips: L’oréal Elvive Dream Lengths

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Today I’ll be talking about a different subject than make-up. Since hair is a part of beauty, I wanted to share a tip for girls with long hair. L’oréal has come out with a new line: Dream Lengths, which comes with a Shampoo, Conditioner and a cream. I’ve tried this combination for several weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts!

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Tuesdays Tips: how to fill in your brows

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The previous week I tried to explain how to apply highlighter and this week I’ll try and explain how to fill in your brows. To get things straight: you don’t have to do this if you don’t think it’s necessary or if you’re already happy with how your brows look. It’s definitely not a must. But if you like to fill in your brows and want to know how you can do this, keep on reading!

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Tuesdays Tips: How to apply highlighter

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In this Tuesdays Tips I would like to explain how you could apply highlighter. Maybe you already know how to apply highlighter or you just do it your own way, but it’s always nice to go back to the basics. If you’re new with make-up or using highlighter, this could be a really good way to teach you how to apply highlighter. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy!

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NYX Cosmetics: Lipsticks and Lip pencils


This is my first time ever trying out NYX Cosmetics products! I wanted to try their products for a while now but I never actually bought something. I’ve asked on Twitter (if you don’t follow me there, you should!) what you would like to see and you’ve voted for NYX products. Let’s go and review them!

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