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This is the place to be if you want to see all the beauty brands from A-Z I've ever written about on Beautymone. You will find every related post to your favorite beauty brand (or the one you're curious about) in just one click.

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Some beauty products deserve a review but can't cover a full dedicated review so they will end up in the Swatch Gallery where you can read mini reviews and see swatches of many makeup products, from fairly new to older launches.

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Who wants to pay full price for beauty items if you could purchase them for a discounted price? Definitely not me! Here you can find all discount codes which will help you save some money on your future beauty purchases.

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My name is Simone. I’m a Dutch 24-year-old, Human Resources Consultant by day and beauty blogger in the meantime. I love everything beauty-related, especially makeup. Most of the days you can find me blogging, hunting for beauty deals, cuddling with my dog Bailey and playing with Photoshop and Lightroom. I love photographing, organizing, and swatching makeup. Beautymone is a resource for beauty enthusiasts and ordinary people, like myself, to read honest, in-depth beauty reviews as well as getting in the know of the best of the best in the beauty world.

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