Jovs Venus Pro Hair Remover, Jovs Venus Pro Hair Remover Review

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If you’re all about at-home beauty solutions, you’re in for a treat! JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover is a game-changer in the world of hair removal.

This device uses Multi-Frequency Continuous Pulse Technology (MFCPT) to slow down hair regrowth over time, leading to a permanent reduction of hair for flawlessly smooth skin. It’s like having a professional beauty clinic right in your own home!

I, with my light skin type and dark hair, have put this device to the test. The result? Impressive. But for all the details, I would recommend continuing to read as I’m going into the details.

In this review, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of the JOVS Venus Pro II. We’ll discuss its features, its effectiveness, and why it’s earning rave reviews from users. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if it’s the right fit for you (+this post contains a discount code, so keep reading!).

9.5Expert Score
The Bottom Line
I couldn’t recommend the JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover enough – I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I saw results and how quite effortless and pain-free this device is. If you’re looking for an at-home hair removal solution, the JOVS Venus Pro II could be just what you’re after.
Quality & Design
Speed & Sensation
Comfort & Precision
The Results
What I Like
  • Easy to use, lightweight and luxurious design
  • Is 100% pain-free
  • Different modes and intensity levels
  • Comes with everything you need
  • The results are very promising
What I Don’t Like
  • It is quite an investment

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Jovs Venus Pro Ii Hair Remover, Jovs Venus Pro Hair Remover Review
This is what you receive when ordering the JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover.

Overview Of The JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover

The JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover stands out among its competitors, mainly because its multi-frequency continuous pulse technology (MFCPT)[1] renders obsolete traditional IPL technology.

This device makes hair removal easy, convenient, and painless. It’s a popular choice for many, earning its reputation as the go-to home hair removal device.

One feature that sets the Venus Pro II apart is its sapphire skin-cooling system. This built-in cooling mechanism soothes and protects your skin during and after treatments. Plus, it minimizes the risk of skin irritation, leaving your skin feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

But what makes it so efficient? Let’s break it down:

  • Flash Rate: Lightning-fast for quick and efficient treatments
  • Intensity Levels: Multiple levels for customized treatments
  • Skin Tone Sensor: Automatically adjusts light intensity based on your skin tone

Imagine saying goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, flawless skin – all in the comfort of your own home and no pulling out hair (I’m talking about you, waxing). That’s the JOVS Venus Pro II promise.

Fast Facts

JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover

  • BEST FOR: Every skin tone except for black skin tones. Also, it’s less effective for people with grey, light blonde, or red hair.
  • USES: Full body hair removal device.
  • SAFETY: They have acquired ten globally-accepted safety certifications, including Certificate of FDA Registration.
  • CONTAINS: When you purchase the Venus Pro II, you get the device, plus goggles, razor, user manual, plug, and guide card.  
  • PRICE: $429.00
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: JOVS is an innovative global personal care brand that was developed with the purpose of offering domestic and personal smart beauty devices to beauty lovers of all ages worldwide.

Key Features Of The JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover

Let’s dive into the standout features of the JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover. This device boasts some truly impressive technology and design that set it apart from other at-home IPL devices on the market.

Advanced IPL Technology

One of the major highlights of the Venus Pro II is its use of advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology. This tech harnesses the power of gentle light pulses to target and disable hair follicles, leading to a gradual reduction in hair growth.

It’s the same concept used in professional salons, but now you can have it in the comfort of your own home.

The device also employs a unique variation of IPL called Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) and Multi-Frequency Continuous Pulse Technology (MFCPT). These technologies ensure that the light energy is delivered in the most effective way possible, maximizing your hair removal results.

And the best part? It’s completely painless and irritation-free, unlike traditional hair removal methods.

Adjustable Intensity Levels

The JOVS Venus Pro II isn’t a one-size-fits-all device. It understands that everyone’s skin and hair are different, which is why it comes with multiple intensity levels – 6 different levels total. You can easily adjust the intensity according to your skin tone and hair color (and pain level), ensuring optimal performance and safety every time you use it.

Adjustable Modes

The device also comes with 6 adjustable modes for different areas of the body. You can choose between legs, arms, underarms, face, and bikini mode. Plus, there’s a skin rejuvenation mode too, which you can use to repair damaged skin.

Jovs Venus Pro Ii Hair Remover, Jovs Venus Pro Hair Remover Review

Large Treatment Window

The JOVS Venus Pro II features a large treatment window, making it easy to cover your skin during treatments. This large window, coupled with the device’s lightning-fast flash rate, allows for quick and efficient hair removal sessions.

With the large treatment window, you get better skin coverage, reducing the chances of missing spots. But it is not too big for it to make it difficult to use. Plus, it contains a rotating head, which is super helpful to get to all places, even difficult areas such as around your knees.

How To Use The Hair Remover

Remember, good skin coverage is key to achieving the best results. A useful tip to ensure you’re covering your skin properly is to work in up-and-down strips along your skin. Move the device to the height of the flash window between flashes, and for the next strip, move the head to just the width of the flash window.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Venus Pro II Device:

  1. Shave your body hair: Ensure your skin is clean, dry, and free from lotions or potions. Dermaplaning is an option if you don’t want to shave your face.
  2. Get a comfortable setup: Find a well-lit room where you won’t be disturbed. A full-length mirror and extension cable can be handy.
  3. Turn the intensity dial: Set it to your best intensity level. The cooling fan will start, and the device will light up.
  4. Choose the mode: Choose the one that best suits your treatment area.
  5. Start your session: Commence your 10-minute session. During hair removal, the technology will keep your skin cool.
  6. Apply moisturizer: Once you’ve finished, apply your favorite moisturizer to soothe the skin.

Precaution tip: The device comes with safety glasses. They might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but they’re essential in protecting your eyes from the intense pulsed light. Make sure to put them on.

The Results: JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover Review

Quality & Design

The JOVS Venus Pro II stands out in terms of design and quality. It’s more than just a hair removal tool. Its luxurious emerald-green color, matte metal finish, and gold trim give it a premium look. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the design, from the seamless shell of smooth metallic-finish plastic to the golden metal buttons and dial.

The packaging is equally impressive. It’s a large, beautifully finished green box containing everything you need (goggles, razor, user manual, and plug) in separate boxes. It feels expensive and classy, adding to the overall premium experience.

Speed & Sensation

What sets the JOVS Venus Pro II apart is its lightning-fast flash rate. This feature allows for quick and efficient hair removal sessions, saving you valuable time. My legs were the biggest area I tried the device on, and even then, I was done within 10-12 minutes max. It’s truly a really quick experience!

The sensation during treatment is more comfortable than you might expect. I do have quite a high pain tolerance, so keep that in mind, but I barely felt anything. It was 100% pain-free for me.

I’ve done some research to see what others have been saying about their experience/if they found it painful. Most of them described it as a small electric shock that’s more uncomfortable than painful.

I have a TENS machine for ACNES (an entrapped nerve in my stomach area), and I would say that it’s quite similar. Actually, if I were to compare, I think the TENS feels more uncomfortable than the JOVS device.

As a bonus, there’s a cooling mode you can activate to lessen the sensation of skin burn – if there’s any – making the experience even better. Perfect!


The Venus Pro II is designed with user comfort in mind. It’s quite lightweight and easy to hold and move around the body, thanks to its ergonomic design and rotating head.

The only thing that is slightly inconvenient is that I accidentally pressed the button and switched modes without noticing. This happens because the button is placed where you naturally hold the device – or at least, where I held the device. However, when I noticed this happened, I started holding the device a little lower, and the problem was solved.

Jovs Venus Pro Ii Hair Remover, Jovs Venus Pro Hair Remover Review
The device “in action” – this is how it would look like when you’re going over your leg (or any other area) during the treatment.


When it comes to precision, the JOVS Venus Pro II doesn’t disappoint. Its unique features, like the ergonomic rotating head, custom wavelength “modes,” and contact cooling, allow for precise and efficient treatments.

It’s great that you can easily change the intensity or the area you’re treating with just a few clicks on the buttons. It makes the tool easy to use, and it’s nice to have a mode available for the specific area too. This way, I know it’s safe for whatever area I’m targeting!


The Venus Pro II can save you time and money. Its quick and efficient treatments mean less time spent on hair removal. Plus, its six intensity levels and unlimited flashes allow for professional-level results at home, eliminating the need for expensive salon visits.

Also, consider the cost of traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or plucking. With the JOVS Venus Pro II, you make a one-time investment for long-lasting results. It’s a cost-effective solution that can save you money in the long run.

That said, the initial investment is quite high. It’s an expensive device – but you get high-quality in return, and I haven’t shared anything about the results yet!

JOVS Discount Code

To make the investment easier, I received an exclusive discount code you can use to bring down the price. Use code KBM40V at checkout for some $$ off!

Actual Results

Now, onto the most important part of the review: does this device actually work? Did I see results? To be short, yes!

I have been using the Venus Pro II for a little over a month now, 2-3 times per week, and even though it might be early to tell if I see permanent results, I already see a difference in my hair growth. I have dark hair growth, and my hair grows quite rapidly (sadly, lol).

For the photos, I let my hair regrow, and this is 6 days of not shaving/or using the device. In the photo, you can see that I missed a few hairs (or maybe those hairs just need more treatments than the others), and this is how my hair normally looks like after 6 days of not shaving. I’ve circled a few of these hairs. Do you see the rest of the leg?

Jovs Venus Pro Ii Hair Remover Results

Yes, the hairs are growing back, but I’m still in the early days of the treatment, especially since I ‘only’ used the tool 2-3 times per week (if I want to, I could speed up the process by using the device more frequently). But you can clearly see that most of the hairs aren’t as long and visible as they normally would have!

I personally see a huge difference already, and I couldn’t be more excited! I really dislike how fast and dark my hair grows back – I feel like I have to shave almost every day during summer if I don’t want to see any hair. The Venus Pro II is going to save me SO much time!

I’m excited to continue the treatment and see what this does over time! Hopefully, by next summer, I only have to use the device for maintenance and can have a hair-free life! I’m also going to try more areas (I did try my underarms and bikini line already, but I decided to focus on the legs for this review first) because this device is just amazing.

Potential Drawbacks To Keep In Mind

Even though I didn’t find the following two points a drawback, I wanted to mention them to be fully transparent for everyone reading this review. The following two points might be a drawback for you, so keep in mind that:

Not Suitable For All Skin Types And Hair Colors

Though it’s highly effective for many, it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for all skin types and hair colors. Specifically, the device is appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types[2] I through V.

In terms of hair color, the device is effective for dark blonde to black hair. However, it’s less effective for light blonde, red, or gray hair. Moreover, people with light, pale white, mid-brown, and dark brown skin tones will likely see the best results.

Requires Multiple Sessions For Permanent Results

Achieving permanent hair removal results with the Venus Pro II requires commitment and effort. The device demands more frequent sessions during the start-up phase compared to other home IPL devices.

If you want quick results, you’ll need to perform 3 to 4 sessions per week for the first month, followed by at least 2 to 3 sessions per week from weeks 5 to 8. After the initial phase, you can switch to maintenance sessions – one every month or fortnight, depending on your needs.

While some may find this schedule more demanding, it’s designed to ensure you zap all the hairs in the treatment areas over the first few weeks. The time commitment might be a drawback for some, especially if you plan to treat large areas like your legs.

If you commit to the recommended schedule, you can expect to see noticeable changes over time. To me, this is worth the time investment, but this may be different for you.

Final Verdict: Is JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover Worth It?

So, you’ve made it through our detailed review of the JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover. You’ve learned that it’s a top-rated device, offering easy and painless hair removal right from the comfort of your own home.

Its advanced IPL technology, adjustable intensity levels, and skin tone sensor all contribute to its popularity. It’s quick and efficient, thanks to its large treatment window and fast flash rate. And let’s not forget its luxurious design and precision.

The results after one month of 2-3 treatments per week are amazing. I see a huge difference in the length and growth of the hair already. This is super promising and exciting – I’m quite sure this is going to help me have a hair-free summer next year!

I couldn’t recommend the JOVS Venus Pro II Hair Remover enough – I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I saw results and how quite effortless and pain-free this device is.

Is it expensive? Yes, for sure. But it is a one-time investment that saves you money in the end (no more salon visits for waxing or laser treatments, no need to buy razors frequently, etc.). I truly think it’s worth it!

All in all, if you’re looking for an at-home hair removal solution, the JOVS Venus Pro II could be just what you’re after.

JOVS Discount Code

To make the investment easier, I received an exclusive discount code you can use to bring down the price. Use code KBM40V at checkout for some $$ off!

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PRODUCT NAMEVenus Pro II Hair Remover
VOLT. RANGE100-240 V
GEAR RANGE1-6 (adjustable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! JOVS has acquired ten globally-accepted safety certifications, including Certificate of FDA Registration.

The JOVS Venus Pro Hair Remover is considered one of the best IPL hair removal devices, especially for sensitive skin, and I understand why – I recommend this device too!

IPL/OPT Hair Removal devices can be time-consuming in the beginning, may produce uneven results if you’re not careful, and some find it slightly painful or uncomfortable.

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[1] Found: The 7 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2023. By Alexandra Engler (MBG Beauty Director) and Medical review by Hadley King, M.D. (Board-certified Dermatologist). Published on MBG lifestyle on May 31, 2023.

[2] Fitzpatrick skin prototype. Author: Hon A/Prof Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2012. Published on DermNet.

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  1. I’ve underwent laser hair removal treatments before and I’m very happy with the results! My body hairs aren’t 100% gone (nor is that possible), but their number is significantly reduced and I’m satisfied. <3 However, those treatments are very expensive and it's wonderful that there are devices like this one that people can use for the most similar effect at home whenever they like. 😀

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