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Colourpop California Love ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on May 23, 2020

I haven’t bought Colourpop products as frequently as I used to buy their products, which makes it even more fun to do a huge Colourpop haul! The last time I ordered from Colourpop, I mostly ordered products from their sister company Fourth Ray Beauty but I also picked up a couple of Colourpop makeup products and one of them was the California Love eyeshadow palette. 

Keeping up with Colourpop is even harder than Keeping Up With The Kardashians, no joke. They launch products every week (or it feels like every week lol)! It might be a little overwhelming, it is for me though, but that’s just how Colourpop runs their business. We’re obviously not forced to buy their new products every week. 

Since I just couldn’t keep up with their launches, I decided to just wait for a while and buy a lot of their products all in once. As an international customer, this is the best thing to do since I ‘only’ have to pay customs once instead of with every single order I would place. 

Now during the lockdown period, I found out how much I loved the weekly Colourpop launches. Even though I didn’t buy every single launch, I think I kinda looked forward to seeing what they were coming out with every week. I can’t wait for this lockdown to be over so I can enjoy Colourpop’s launches again lol. And I want to do a huge haul for sure. But I’m waiting for a discount so I can justify my haul hahaha! 

Anyway back to the Colourpop California Love palette. I have been wanting this palette for so long! I think it was part of their summer collection or at least it launched around summertime. That’s like the thing this palette makes me think about: summer. 

Let’s dive into this review a little deeper & let me show you the palette as well as the swatches. 

Colourpop California Love Palette

Colourpop California Love 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette Review

Consider this our love song to the West Coast. 

The perfect warm golden eyeshadow palette to create the perfect day to night look or California sunset eye. 

In 12 shades of metallic bronze, warm mattes, and a glitzy pop of Pressed Glitter – they’re all good, from Diego to The Bay. 

This palette contains 12 beautiful, warm shades and retails for $18 at the Colourpop website and Ulta.

The shade names & description: 

Diego: warm mid-tone gold
Gnarly: soft warm beige
Sequoia: vibrant yellow tangerine
Gold rush: rusty terracotta with gold flecks
Hwy 1: chestnut brown with gold flecks
Laguna: muted yellow peach
El Capitan: bronze, copper, and gold pressed glitter
Surfrider: mid-tone terracotta with gold glitter
Cahuenga: vibrant copper
Mission: deep brown with gold flecks
Cruisin’: pale yellow gold
The Bay: neutral warm brown 

The palette, as well as all the Colourpop products, is cruelty-free. 

Colourpop California Love Swatches

In the past couple of years, I’ve had a couple of Colourpop palettes and I think I’ve had only one (the Brown Sugar palette, which I have decluttered) that wasn’t my favorite. All the other ones were amazing. This palette is one of the amazing ones. It was easy to swatch on my arm and performed very nice on my eyes as well. I had no problem with blending it on the eyes. I noticed a little bit of fallout on the face, especially with the glittery/metallic shades. All the shades are pigmented, only Hwy 1 is slightly patchy but you can’t tell on the eyes. 

Colourpop California Love Review

I’m glad that I’ve picked up this palette. I think this palette is very wearable throughout the year but I like how this palette is giving me summer vibes. I’m definitely wearing this palette a lot this summer! 

The pigment is great, the shades are beautiful, the palette is blendable and affordable. I actually didn’t expect anything else from Colourpop because their eyeshadows are definitely one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. 

Have you ever tried Colourpop products? Which are your favorites? 

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  1. I still don’t have any Colourpop in my collection, but I know the day will come eventually. This palette is very pretty! I’m a sucker for mustard shades such as Sequoia.

    xoxo Amanda |

  2. This is such a gorgeous palette – the swatches look great, so I’m glad to hear that you liked this better than the Brown Sugar Palette. California Love is always one of those palettes that dances in-and-out of my cart when making a CP purchase.

    I have been missing the brand’s new launches, so I’m curious to see how they handle all of their new releases as they slowly reopen and start shipping again. The top CP item on my list is actually the new gloss formula – they look SUPER similar to the Kylie High Glosses (which makes sense since Seed makes both!)

    1. I’ve missed their launches so so much! I’m happy they’re slowly getting back now. I can’t wait for a sale so I can go nuts lol!

      Oh my gosh, I need to try that new gloss formula is it looks like the Kylie High Glosses!

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