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Published by Simone de Vlaming on August 11, 2020

I don’t know about you but I’m always intrigued by the look of the Marc Jacobs Beauty packaging as well as their products. The vibe from the brand is definitely luxurious and high-end, which I really like. I really wanted to expand my Marc Jacobs Beauty collection and so I bought the O!Mega Glaze Foil Luminizer in the shade Showstopper. 

As of right now, I don’t own many Marc Jacobs Beauty products just yet. I have the O!Mega Bronzer which I really love and an eyeshadow palette I still have to test out. While writing this, I actually have a Marc Jacobs Beauty lipstick haul arriving in the mail very soon. So expect a review of them in the future! 

Since I’m working on growing my Marc Jacobs Beauty, I decided I wanted to try their highlighter formula as well. The particular highlighter I bought is shade 81 Showstopper, a light, pinky-peach base with flecks of pink and gold sparkle. Showstopper is a Limited Edition shade in the Lust and Stardust collection at the end of 2019. I bought it when it was discounted at Sephora. 

I would love to dive into the details. Is this highlighter worth its price tag, how is the overall quality? Let’s find out!

Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Glaze All-Over Foil Luminizer in (81) Showstopper

This larger-than-life luminizer adds instant reflective radiance. The micro-fine, jet-milled powder applies seamlessly for a get-noticed glow without glitter. Perfectly sized for both face and body, this foil highlighter is all you need for an all-over glow.

As I said before, this highlighter is limited edition and not available on the Marc Jacobs Beauty website anymore. However, it’s still available at for a discounted price! Normally this highlighter retails for $49 and is now available at for $25! 

While the O!Mega highlighter has the same packaging size and pan size as the O!mega bronzer (I compared them), don’t be fooled! The bronzer contains 0.8 oz/ 25 g while the highlighter contains 0.35 oz/ 10 g. The highlighter, as well as the bronzer, are normally both retailing for $49… while the highlighter contains 0.45 oz/ 15 g less. I don’t think that’s a fair price at all!

Thankfully I got it for the discounted price and you can get it discounted as well, but imagine if you bought this highlighter for its full price thinking it would contain as much product as the bronzer. I’m slightly shocked by this fact. I understand it’s limited edition and it also has limited edition packaging (the black with pink glitters) but it’s the same component, which is normally white, as the bronzer so I don’t really feel like the price needed to be the same as the bronzer when you get way less product. 

The O!Mega Glaze All-Over Foil Luminizer is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, and phthalates. This product is also cruelty-free.

Beautiful Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Glaze Foil Luminizer Swatches

I had a hard time making this highlighter show up on the picture since it’s basically the same color as my skin tone. It’s not because this highlighter isn’t pigmented, because it is and it does leave a beautiful glow. 

If you look closely you can see the soft golden en pinkish reflects in this highlighter, which I think are absolutely stunning. I was scared this highlighter would be too glittery for my likings but it isn’t glittery. It has some sparkles in it which reflects when the sun hits but it’s not like I’m wearing a ton of glitters on my face lol. 

When I swatched this highlighter for the first time, I thought it wouldn’t be really visible on the face since it’s very subtle and close to my skin tone. I was wrong though, it leaves a gorgeous natural glow which is definitely visible. 

Beautiful Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Glaze Foil Luminizer Review

The packaging of this highlighter is stunning. I love black with golden and pink sparkles. I personally don’t like how you’re getting fooled into thinking that the highlighter size is the same as the bronzer size. Price-wise I don’t think it’s a good deal at all. The quality and pigmentation of this highlighter are good, moreover, the highlighter isn’t too glittery and looks very natural on the face. I personally don’t think it’s better than a more affordable highlighter I have in my collection. For example, I like Persona Cosmetics and Melt Cosmetics highlighters even better. Overall, it’s a nice-looking highlighter and I love how it looks so healthy and glowy on my face. However, I wouldn’t buy another one in the future.

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  1. Aw so sad that this didn’t really live up to your expectations – the naturally radiant glow that it gives looks so beautiful. I have a hunch that the pigments & pearls needed for the highlighter are likely more expensive than what was needed to create the bronzer – which could be impacting the difference in product weight.

  2. Oooh! I keep hearing great things about the Marc Jacobs beauty line. You can never go wrong with a luxurious feel for makeup products! I’ve been looking at highlighters. The price isn’t bad at all. I’ve been looking into Chanel highlighters. I love how the finish is subtle but still noticeable. Love how it looks on you!

    Nancy ✨

  3. I agree that the packaging is so beautiful. I’m kind of not surprised by the difference in weight between the bronzer and highlighter because I feel you use a lot more bronzer per use than you do with a highlighter. Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily justify the difference in weight between the two products, but it takes me so long to get through highlighters, so I don’t know if that upsets me as much as it should? Lol.

    I really like the natural look! Some highlighters can be too glittery, which makes them difficult to wear during the day, so it’s good this one is versatile! I think I have highlighters in my collection that could do a similar or better job for less money, though, so this one is going to be a miss for me!

  4. I share your feelings on Marc Jacobs packaging. Subtle highlighters definitely have their time and place, and this one looks great on you. I’m a blinding highlight kind of girl lol

    xoxo Amanda |

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