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Dr. Remedy Nail Polish ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on May 15, 2021

I have been a lover of nail polish even before I loved makeup and I used to ask everyone who was coming to my birthday if they could gift me nail polish lol. The moment Yemedy Nails asked me if they could send some o their Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes, I obviously couldn’t say no!

Remedy Nails is a nail care brand that promised luxe polish colors and a brand that also addressed real concerns. After personally searching—without success—for a clean, safe nail polish that he could recommend to both his patients (podiatrists are known for telling women NEVER to use polish), as well as his pregnant wife, Adam Cirlincione, did what any podiatrist, doting dad-to-be and budding entrepreneur would do, he created one himself (source: Remedy Nails).

The story behind the brand is what really got me the most since I just love how the brand focuses on being a brand for everyone, even if you have nail concerns like fungus. The chemicals are skipped and organic, natural ingredients are used for these nail polishes. Even if you can use other nail polish brands, if you think sustainability is important, you do want to check out Remedy Nails because their ingredients are better for your own health as well as the world.

4 Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes

4 Gorgeous Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes Review + Try-On

I was kindly sent 4 different Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes, one being a base coat and 3 different colors I was allowed to pick myself. In order to form an opinion about the brand, I decided to pick out 3 different finishes:

The base coat is the Bio-Sourced BASIC Base Coat Enriched Nail Polish ($18) clear base coat that boosts nail health while acting as a color magnet, maximizing polish application and adhesion.

All the nail polishes are vegan, formulated without 10 chemical ingredients, breathable and UV-protected. They’re enriched with Garlic Bulb Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein, Biotin, Lavender, and Vitamins C and E.

The Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes contain the same amount of product as for example OPI but the price point lies a bit higher than OPI. However, OPI is not considered cruelty-free, and not all its products are vegan.

PERFECT Petal Pink

Hello, here’s my foot lol. Since I have acrylics you have to look at my foot I’m very sorry for the people that hate feet. Anyway, Perfect Petal Pink is indeed a light, sheer pastel pink. In the picture above I wore 3 coats, which finally made show up the polish but it’s still very sheer. If you’re a person that wants a shiny nail, with a sheer pink touch to it I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one!

Reflective Rosé

This polish has a pink base with silver glitter in it, which makes the color shift when you move your feet or hands. I love the effect this nail polish gives. My grandma always paints her nails in these types of colors so I asked her to try them on her fingernails and she did, so I’ll share her thoughts on the nail polish below where I’m also sharing my final conclusion. But I’m going to give this one to her though, she loves it!

Resilient Rose

This one is my personal favorite, I love love love colors like this! It’s a gorgeous pigmented muted warm pink. A very versatile shade and will look good on a lot of people. It’s also the shade that I kept on after applying to test it out and see how long it wears.

My Thoughts (+ My Grandma and Mom)

I guess we made this a family review lol! My mom painted my grandma’s nails and applied the base coat first. You have to make sure to let the base coat dry down because my mom went in too quickly so the nail polish applied streaky. If you give it time to dry, you won’t have this problem and it’ll apply perfectly fine. Grandma really likes the color, as I already said, and she has been wearing the polish without chipping for 2 weeks! Mind you, her health isn’t the best so she isn’t using her hands all the time. I would say that if you’re more active it’ll stay on the promised 7-10 days for sure.

I tested the Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes as a pedicure and the nail polish is still going strong after 2 weeks. Remedy Nails says the pedicure can last up to 1 month, however, they recommend taking it off after 7-10 days. Since I barely can’t reach my toes due to my surgery, I let it sit for a while lol. Living on the edge I guess. I personally liked the nail polish a lot, I would say it’s similar, quality-wise, to OPI which is one of my favorite nail polish brands.

The amount of colors they have is great, with lots of different colors and options. The nail polish brush/applicator is pretty small which makes it easier to not mess up and it can also be used to do some cute spring nail designs yourself. You need to let the polishes dry for a bit before putting on a second layer (with the base coat) or putting on your socks again. I put on socks after 15 minutes and that was enough time to let it dry and not mess up the polish.

When it comes to the base coat, my grandma wore it beneath her nail polish and I purposely didn’t wear it beneath mine. Based on the results, I don’t think it’s a necessity because the nail polishes are already very good on their own. But if you want to make sure you’re good to go for 7-10 days then I would recommend wearing the base coat.

Have you ever tried Dr. Remedy Nail Polishes yourself? If so, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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Dr. Remedy Nail Polish ⋆ Beautymone

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  1. These colours are so gorgeous and it’s so cute that you gave your grandma the shade Reflective Rosé. I think that one’s my personal favourite too but I’m a sucker for rose golds. I rarely paint my nails as I get acrylics done but I’d love to try these on my toenails

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