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    1. I have to agree! I’m not sure if it’s because my expectations are just SO high after everyone hyping them up though hahaha.

  1. I had a feeling this mascara was a little bit too overhyped. It looks nice but the hype was almost too much if it makes sense. You look stunning BTW! xo

  2. I didn’t care for this mascara. My lashes are short and thin, so I need a powerhouse to work its magic on my barely-there lashes. I wanted to return it but I forgot about it. It’s collecting dust instead! lol Awesome review!

  3. I appreciate this review! I am always so curious about tiktok famous products. The side by side of your lashes with/out the mascara is so helpful to see the mascara’s effect. I hate it when mascaras transfer! I don’t typically get mascara on my upper lids, but a lot of mascaras transfer under my eyes making me look tired so I assume this would do this to my eyes too :/ Thanks for the review!


  4. That’s such a shame that this mascara transferred for you. To be honest, that’s always my biggest hate with mascaras because even if they make your lashes look amazing, what’s the point of wearing it if it’s just going to transfer throughout the day? I sometimes find that mascaras transfer less after you’ve used them for a while as the formula isn’t so wet, so you might find that too 🙂 sounds like you’ve got better mascaras that work for you, though!