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  1. “I can’t draw straight lines” gosh, I felt that deeply haha.
    The gloss looks so beautiful, there is another shade I like, one of my pale nudes, can’t remember the name, I kind of like the sound of the formula

  2. This title “True Love or Bad Romance” is awesome. I’m so jealous when people come up with witty titles because I’m awful at making mine fun lol. When you mentioned about not being able to swatch in straight lines, I felt that lol. But I also don’t even bother rectifying my lines, which is pretty bad really, haha.

    The lip crayons look gorgeous. Even though I have so many nude lip colours, I still always want more. Dust suits you so much! It’s a shame about the gloss, that does sound pretty weird. I don’t think I’d like such a thick formula

  3. I’ve accepted the fact that my swatches are a hot mess LOL! I’ve been curious about this brand ever since inception as I’m a huge Little Monster, but still haven’t purchased anything. I’m surprised that the matte formula is not long wearing, but relieved that the lip gloss is super high quality. I really want to try the eyeshadow palettes, matte lip colors, and the new eyeliners.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  4. Oh my GOD I am in love with how classy that packaging looks! Dust looks really really good on you!

    Marissa Belle

  5. It is so cool that Lady Gaga released her own makeup line. Haus Laboratories is SO her vibe. She always looked gorgeous with her makeup looks. She is always about standing out and looking amazing. The swatches look pretty cool. Love it! No worries about them being straight. Just do your best :). Glad you liked them overall!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  6. Dust looks so gorgeous on you, but you know my feelings on this brand LOL! It is a bummer how quickly these faded, though. I don’t mind reapplying products, but when its a glossy or cream formula…. not mattes! Would you try more from the brand after this experience?