How To Remove Eyelash Glue

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You have some fabulous falsies and are ready to take on the world. But wait! There’s still the issue of removing that stubborn, pesky eyelash glue after a long day.

The big question is how to remove eyelash glue without damaging your natural lashes. Well, sit back and relax. I have got you covered.

Removing eyelash glue can be tricky if you need help with how to do it. But fear not—you don’t have to risk damaging your natural lashes or irritating your eyes. With the right knowledge and tools, the process can be smoother than you’d think.

I’ll take you through the proper, efficient methods of removing eyelash glue without causing unnecessary harm to your delicate eyes.

So, this article is for you whether you’re a false-eyelash newbie or a seasoned pro looking to brush up on your skills.

Let’s dive heads first into my guide on how to remove eyelash glue!

How To Remove Eyelash Glue

Understanding Eyelash Glue: What’s The Big Deal?

Is eyelash glue truly such a big deal? Is there a point in having an article on how to remove eyelash glue? Why not just pull your falsies and get over it?

Eyelash glue is a seemingly simple product formulated with your natural and false lashes in mind.

See, eyelash glue is no ordinary adhesive. It’s a cosmetic-grade product designed to be safe for the sensitive eye area. Traditional glues can cause irritation, allergies, or damage to your natural lashes – none of which you want!

Yet, despite being designed for the delicate eye area, eyelash glue is strong enough to keep your false lashes in place all day. It’s formulated to withstand natural factors such as humidity, tears, and even sweat.

Therefore, pulling your fake lashes to remove them will be a painful experience that can break and damage your natural ones. If you dream of long, curvy, and flirtatious lashes, this would be the last thing you want.

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Also, similarly to your favorite mascara or eyeliner, eyelash glue isn’t perfect. It can occasionally leave residues on your lashes and eyelids. And sometimes, removing these stubborn leftovers can be a real struggle.

Even worse, if you’re not careful, you can end up pulling out your natural lashes along with those residues! Therefore, not knowing how to remove eyelash glue safely can be a matter of compromising your natural beauty.

What Types Of Eyelash Glue Are There?

To better understand how to remove eyelash glue, you need to know a thing or two about the types of glue you will encounter.

For starters, different types of false eyelashes require different types of eyelash glue. Generally, there are two types of false eyelashes, short and long-lasting ones.

Falsies like strip lashes and individual flare lashes are meant for single or limited use. These lashes are placed with regular eyelash glue, which is potent but not unbeatable.

On the other hand, eyelash extensions, placed by a professional on top of your natural lashes, are meant to last several weeks. Therefore, they are held by special chemical adhesives.

Pro tip: Eyelash extensions should be removed by the professional that placed them. I would not suggest taking them off by yourself unless you want to risk ripping your natural lashes.

Of course, the potency of the eyelash glue (and, therefore, its difficulty to take off) greatly relates to the quality of the product. A good eyelash glue will ensure a long-lasting glam result but requires more attention for removal.

Without further due, I will spill the tea on how to remove eyelash glue safely and pain-free.   

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Pro Tips To Safely Wipe Away The Glue

You might be surprised to learn that safely removing eyelash glue requires more than a quick pull (I was!). It’s all about using the right materials and following the proper techniques so you won’t damage your natural lashes.

Here are some pro tips to help you do it right.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: The Don’ts

First off, don’t pull or tug at your lashes in an attempt to remove the glue. This can harm your eyelid and cause your natural lashes to fall out.

As we will discuss later on, there are several home remedies to remove your false lashes, like house oils or hot water. However, these ways of loosening the eyelash glue could damage your fake lashes.

So, if you plan to reuse your pair of lashes, steer clear of these methods and follow the tips below. 

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: The Dos

Now that you know what to absolutely avoid, here is how to remove eyelash glue in 5 simple steps.

  1. Start with a clean eye area: This means that it’s best to undo your eye makeup completely so you can carefully target your focus on the falsies.
  2. Use a makeup remover intended for the eye area: Grab a cotton pad, add a generous amount of eye makeup remover, and gently press it against your lashes, focusing on the routes – much like you would do when removing mascara. Let it soak for a while for the glue to dissolve and loosen. After a minute or so, gently swipe the pad down the length of your lashes. You’ll find that the glue will leave your lashes in no time.
  3. Remove the stubborn glue bits: Even when the lashes are off, there still might be glue residue on your lashes or lids. Don’t worry; we’ve got a trick for that too. Consider using a lash comb or a clean mascara brush to comb through your lashes gently. This can help remove any glue that’s stubbornly clinging on. Just be sure to move slowly and carefully to avoid pulling out any lashes. Now that your falsies are off, you can use a natural oil like coconut or olive oil on a cotton bud to gently scrub any glue leftovers.
  4. Clean your lashes: Even though it seems like a tedious task, keep in mind that proper aftercare is paramount. After you’ve removed the glue, make sure to clean your lashes and eyelid thoroughly. You could utilize a gentle facial cleanser for this. Then, consider applying a lash serum to nourish your lashes and promote growth. You’ll thank yourself for it later!
  5. Prep your fake lashes for next time: I know you don’t do it, and I usually skip it too, but taking care of your falsies is important if you want their company longer. Make sure to remove any glue residue from their back end, rinse and wipe them dry.

Pro tip: Do not rub the cotton pad against your lashes. This can lead to unwanted breaking of the hair. Be gentle and patient!

These simple five steps answer the question, how to remove eyelash glue? To sum up, here are all the tools you will need in the process:

  • Eye makeup remover: Softens and dissolves the glue
  • Cotton pad: To apply the remover
  • Lash comb or clean mascara brush: Combs out stubborn glue
  • Gentle facial cleanser: Cleanses lashes and lid post-removal
  • Lash serum: Nourishes lashes for healthy growth.

Exclusive Tools for Hassle-Free Eyelash Glue Removal

Are you wondering how to remove eyelash glue without the hassle of so many steps? Is there a one-do-it-all product that can strip your fake lashes off without the trouble?

Luckily, the beauty industry offers several effective tools to make eyelash glue removal hassle-free, with less risk of hurting your eyes or damaging your natural lashes.

If you often use fake lashes, you may want to invest in a professional-grade lash glue remover. These are generally used for lash extensions by professionals, but there are gentler options for regular eyelash glue.

They are still stronger than your typical eye makeup remover, so they must be used cautiously. Make sure to avoid letting these removers come in contact with your eyes. Also, if you plan to reuse your fake lashes, ensure they have an oil-free formula.

How to remove eyelash glue, further minimizing lash breakage? Enter lash tweezers!

Another great tool in your arsenal is lash tweezers. These are similar to normal tweezers but have a unique curl at the end. They make fake lashes application a breeze and can also help in their removal.

After loosening the eyelash glue with either an eye-makeup remover or glue remover, check the stability of the glue by gently lifting or rocking your fake lashes. Lash tweezers will allow a more precise grip, making it less likely to harass your natural lashes in the process.

How To Remove Eyelash Glue

Nifty Homemade Remedies to Tackle Stubborn Eyelash Glue

As I promised above, you can try several nifty homemade remedies for fake lash removal. However, be warned that while they work wonders to remove eyelash glue, they are not great for the longevity of your fake lashes.

Let’s see how to remove eyelash glue using only what you already have in your house:

Olive oil is one of the most accessible ingredients that can help you out. It’s not just great for cooking; it also helps break down the adhesive properties of the glue. It also possesses great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that promote the health of your eyelashes and follicles.

Coconut oil is another great alternative. It’s perfect for softening clumps of sticky eyelash glue. This tropical cure also has antimicrobial and nourishing properties that result in stronger, fuller eyelashes too.

We cannot be talking about how to remove eyelash glue without referring to these oils. Both of them are safe for use around the eye area. Simply drench a cotton ball in the oil and gently place it over your lashes to use them. After the eyelash glue soaks, gently pass the cotton ball over your lashes.

Pro tip: Be patient. It may take a few attempts, but you’ll see the glue start to loosen.

You may find another remedy in your kitchen: warm water. Yes, you read it right. Warm water can be your real savior when it comes to parting ways with that obstinate glue.

Take a warm shower or douse a towel in warm water and place it over your eyes for a few minutes. You will notice the glue getting looser, making it easier to remove the lashes or gently rub off any remaining glue.

For those who prefer an even gentler approach, using Steam could be just the ticket. A warm, steamy face cloth held over your lashes for a few minutes loosens the eyelash glue. It’s a gentle, chemical-free approach that could work wonders.

The natural enzymes in honey are known to break down adhesive materials as well. Maybe it’s the sweetness, or perhaps it’s the stickiness; either way, it’s believed to work wonders. Mix this golden syrup with warm water and gently apply the mixture onto your eyelashes.

Remember, whatever method you choose to remove your eyelash glue, always do so cautiously. Your eyes are sensitive and vigorous rubbing can cause irritation or even injury. Treat your precious peepers with care!

Pro tip: Try rotating between these remedies. You’ll find the one that works best for you, and the variety will keep your beauty routine fresh!

How To Remove Eyelash Glue: Summing Up The Methods

There you have it! Now you know how to remove eyelash glue in every possible way. Here’s a roundup of everything you’ve learned:  

First of all, patience is key. Avoid rushing the process and pulling or tugging at your lashes. It’s slow and steady work, but the result is worth it.

Being equipped with the right tools is important. Regular eye-makeup remover and lash tweezers can do the job nicely. But if you’re dealing with stubborn glue, a specialized eyelash glue remover is a worthwhile addition to your arsenal.

If you are ready to bid your false lashes goodbye, try using oils, oil-based products, water, or Steam.

Finally, adopt a gentle hand-to-eye treatment. Your eye is a sensitive area. Respect its vulnerability by being as gentle as possible during the removal process.

Now, you’re all set to reclaim your natural lashes. You have learned how to remove eyelash glue in an easy, damage-free, and effective way. Stick to these rules, and your eyelash game will always be on point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! But make sure to use hot water as this will loosen up the glue. Don’t start plucking or rubbing your eyes harshly – try using tweezers to softly remove them.

No, please don’t use Vaseline to remove eyelash glue. It’s not a good idea to use things like Vaseline, or baby oil with your lash adhesive. They can cause the adhesive to slip BUT also mess with your natural lashes, which could then lead to infections.

Micellar water is a great facial cleanser for removing regular eye makeup, but it’s not the best option for removing eyelash glue. It may not be strong enough to break down the adhesive, making it difficult to remove them completely.

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