Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods collection

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods have been best friends for ages and of course, we could expect a Kylie Cosmetics collection from them together! It took a while because they’ve been working on it for a very long time but it’s finally here! Perfectly in time to celebrate Jordyn’s birthday on September 23.

Since I do really like Jordyn as well, I wanted to get the full collection and thankfully I managed to get the bundle. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a mini highlighter palette, 2 glosses, and a lipstick. I think I was most excited for the glosses because Kylie reformulated them. Moreover, they come in a different packaging as well. I couldn’t wait to try these! Anyways, the whole collection looked amazing to me so I’m super happy to test everything and play with it.

The whole collection

These are all the products from the collection. The eyeshadow palette, mini highlighter palette, 2 glosses, and 1 lipstick. Overall, the packaging is super cute! Because rose gold is Jordyn’s favorite color, they’ve included it in this collection. Moreover, a super talented artist created their packaging! The packaging is original and very cute.


Here’s a closer look at the carton packaging of the palette. The front has this amazing cartoon version of Jordyn and Kylie with little rose gold hearts on it. The back has the rose gold hearts on it as well and more product information. The names are on the back as well.

The actual palette packaging is a super pretty warm brownish/burgundy type of color with rose gold writings. I think it’s so cute how they wrote Kylie hearts Jordyn all over it! The back has the shade names on it. I like this type of color and I think it matches with Jordyn very well. Also, the names really make me think about Jordyn and Kylie and their friendship!

The actual inside is so pretty! The metallics are immediately pulling my attention. The color scheme looks very nice. I like how you have your warm shades like the orange, peach, brown, and rose gold shades but also have some cooler toned shadows like the purple shades.

The palette has and huge mirror inside and the names are inside the palette as well!

Shade description

Wife Life (matte pastel peach)

Don’t Ever Leave Me (metallic vibrant rose gold)

Loyal (metallic bronzey gold)

Sister (matte warm brown)

True Love (satin terracotta with gold flecks)

Ride Or Die (metallic copper)

Peru (matte soft yellow-orange)

Marry Me (metallic warm silver)

Soul Mate (matte dusty lavender)

Wild Love (metallic olive with violet flip)

My Heart (matte vivid purple)

Love You B*tch (matte deep plum)

I think these names are like way too cute haha. Jordyn and Kylie are such good friends and these names explain their relationship so good. Love how they did that!


Here are the swatches from the first row of the palette. The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. Shades top to bottom: Wife Life, Loyal, True Love, Peru, Soul Mate, My Heart.

Most of this row are matte shades (they might look a little bit glittery but they aren’t, I tried to wash the highlighters but some glitters stayed on haha). True Love is a satin shade with subtle gold flecks and Loyal is metallic. All the formulas are very pigmented, the mattes performed very well! I was a little bit scared for the purple shades because most of the times these are pretty hard to make and can come of patchy, but thankfully they didn’t! I didn’t have any fallout of kickback in the pan, which is great. The metallic shade is really blinding, love it!

Here’s the second row from the palette. The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. Shades top to bottom: Don’t Ever Leave Me, Sister, Ride Or Die, Marry Me, Wild Love, Love You B*itch.

This row has more metallics and this is my favorite row because of them. The metallics are almost buttery, they swatch very easily and are pigmented in one swipe. You don’t even have to wet them to get this pigment. The matte brown shade, Sister is very pigmented and nice as well. The last shade Love You B*itch was a little patchy but I have seen shadows which looked worse.

Overall, I really like the palette! It contains very much variety and beautiful, pigmented shades.


Again, the packaging is very cute with the cartoon versions of Jordyn and Kylie on it. It also has the rose gold hearts and the names on the back.

The mini highlighter palette looks identical to the eyeshadow palette. I think that’s cute. Very themed and well thought. Also, the names are on the back.

This mini highlighter palette contains 4 different shades. No New Friends is a frosty pearl, Inseparable is a pinky peach, Best Life is a warm champagne, Together Forever is an icy lavender. I love the different shades in this palette and they’re all very wearable. I was a little bit scared for the lavender color but it’s definitely not that heavy looking on the face.

The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. Shades top to bottom: No New Friends, Inseparable, Best Life and Together Forever. Again, I love the names! The highlighters are very pigmented, very wearable and apply very smooth. They’re not very glittery, more like a wet look. Are this shades you don’t have yet? Probably not. It’s not super special though. However, I do like the highlighter palette! But I can imagine it’s not really a need because you probably have these shades already.


Here’s the carton packaging of the lipstick Woods. Similar to the eyeshadow palette and highlighter palette. They didn’t use the cartoon versions on this packaging though. The back has product information on it.

Here’s the actual lipstick tube. How cute is this?! I really like it. The actual lipstick shade is very pretty as well. It’s a matte warm deepened rose.

It’s a very classy looking color, very pigmented and is matte. It applies really easily even though it’s matte and it doesn’t dry my lips. This color is a little bit out of my comfort zone because it looks pretty dark on me but I do like how it looks with my dark hair. I like it!


Again, same cute packaging as all the other products. It has product information on the back and the shade name on top.

I was most excited about these glosses because these are new to the Kylie Cosmetics family. Kylie repackaged and reformulated her glosses and these are high shine glosses. Kylie sneak peeked that she’ll come out with more shades later this year. The packaging is smaller than her normal glosses, but they’re also a bit wider. I think Kylie will continue selling her normal glosses but this is going to be an addition to the collection. The glitter shade is called 23 and the nude shade is called Partner in Crime.

If you have a Kylie Cosmetics lipgloss in your collection, you know she normally has a brush applicator. She changed that into an applicator similar to the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb one, which I really like! I didn’t really mind the brush applicator but personally, I do like these applicators better.

The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. The top shade is Partner in Crime (pinky nude) and the bottom shade is 23 (a sheer bright gold glitter). I’m in love with them!! They feel so good on the lips, not sticky at all, very hydrating and they’re indeed very glossy. The applicator is very nice and you can combine these shades with other lipsticks or lip liners, but also wear them alone. These are my faves for sure!

Product Information

The Kylie Cosmetics Kylie X Jordyn Bundle includes:

1x Kylie X Jordyn Collection Palette (contains 12 X 1.40 grams / 12 X 0.05 oz and costs $45)

1x Kylie X Jordyn Collection Woods Lipstick (contains 0.12 oz/ 3.5g and costs $17)

1x Kylie X Jordyn Collection 23 Gloss (contains 0.11 oz. / 3.0 g and costs $16)

1x Kylie X Jordyn Collection Partner In Crime Gloss (contains 0.11 oz. / 3.0 g and costs $16)

1x Kylie X Jordyn Collection Pressed Powder Highlighter Palette (contains 4 x 3.50 grams / 4 x 0.12 oz and costs $40)

The bundle price is $124.

At this moment everything except the mini highlighter palette is sold out. I’m not sure if there will be a restock, for more information check out @kyliecosmetics.

Final Thoughts

I really like this collection! The eyeshadow palette and the glosses are my favorite products. I have been using them since the moment I’ve got them. Also I really like the highlighter palette, but I do think it’s not super special. The lipstick is out of my comfort zone but very pretty as well. If I won’t wear it very much I’ll gift this to my mom haha.

Overall the collection is very nice and if there’s going to be a restock, you definitely should get at least the glosses!

Hope to see you next time loves,




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