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Recently I bought the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Bundle and asked on social media (follow me if you don’t already!) which review you would like to see first and most of you all voted for the High Gloss Bundle. So today I’m going to tell you everything about this new glosses from Kylie Cosmetics.

Back in September, Kylie gave us a sneak peek of the new gloss formula when she launched 2 shades with her Kylie x Jordyn collection. She already told that she would come out with more shades very soon. For this reason, 2 months later she launched 7 new shades in her High Gloss formula.

Speaking about this new formula, this is how the High Gloss formula is explained: “High Shine Gloss is an ultra-glossy, luminous gloss that glides on the lips smoothly and evenly with added shea butter leaving behind a radiant and moisturizing shine. Wear alone, with your favorite Lip Liner or layer on top of your favorite Matte Liquid Lipstick.” 

The High Gloss formula from the Kylie x Jordyn collection had me super excited and that’s why I decided to get the whole bundle. All 7 colors looked stunning to me!

The shades

Here’s the packaging and the shade names. From left to right: Klear, Yesss Girl, Diva, Snatched, Always Shining, Daddy’s Girl and Oh You Fancy?. The packaging looks really cute and different than all Kylie’s other packagings. The High Glosses are smaller than her normal glosses. The size is similar to the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb size.

The actual shades! I can tell you, those pictures don’t do these gorgeous glosses justice. In real life, they’re even prettier! I really like the pink cab and details. It’s not super handy though, because you can’t see which shade you’re picking up when they’re having all the same cab. I might keep them in their carton packaging for a while to see which color I’m picking.

The High Glosses have different finishes. There are shimmer glosses, pigmented glosses, and a more sheer gloss. I like the variety of the finishes. There’s a gloss for everyone in this bundle. Moreover, you can also buy them separately if you only like 1 or more glosses but not all of them.

I’m so in love with them all! The colors are soooo pretty!

Shade description:

Daddy’s Girl is a sheer baby pink with copper shimmer

Always Shining is sheer with bright silver shimmer

Klear is sheer with a light pink tint

Yesss Girl is a sheer bright gold with pink flip

Snatched is an opaque mauve pink

Diva is an opaque light pink

Oh You Fancy? is sheer with silver champagne pearls


Top to bottom: Klear, Yesss Girl, Diva, Snatched, Always Shining, Daddy’s Girl and Oh You Fancy?. Left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. I find it very hard to get a good picture of the glosses. You can’t really see the shimmers but trust me, they’re super pretty and shimmery. Diva and Snatched are the more pigmented glosses and you can really tell they’re pigmented. All shades have different shimmers/color to it, so they might look alike but in real life, you can really see a difference. I feel like you can see that a little bit as well in my pictures. One has a more golden finish, one a more pink finish, one a more rose gold finish and 2 have a clear finish (one with shimmers and one without).

The smell is amazing! They smell super sweet but not too heavy though, so it’s just a nice fragrance to it. Moreover, they glide on super easy and feel very nice on the lips. Even though a gloss isn’t really long lasting, I do think these glosses stay on longer than my other glosses. I even had a hard time getting the swatches off my arm! This is definitely a plus for me. Moreover, they’re not sticky at all! I really hate sticky glosses but these glosses just feel like a very hydrating lip balm.

The look amazing on the lips, they’re very glossy but not where it’s too much. I love the shimmers, you can wear top alone or on top of a (matte) lipstick. The pigmented glosses are pigmented enough to wear alone, which I think is very good. Overall, I really really love these glosses!

Product Information

  • 7 High Glosses 0.11 oz. / 3.0 g retail for $16 each
  • The High Gloss bundle includes all 7 glosses and retails for $100.

Right now most of the glosses and the bundle are sold out but keep an eye out at the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page (@kyliecosmetics) to see when there’s a restock.

Final Thoughts

I’m extremely happy with these High Glosses. The formula is amazing, feels very hydrating and not sticky at all. The colors are very pretty. You can see them on their own or with a (matte) lipstick. You won’t regret buying these glosses!

Are you planning on getting one? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

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