Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette | Review

December 1, 2018

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The Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette has been on my wishlist for a while now. I haven’t bought it when it came out back in September. However, I felt it was time to finally buy it. I’m very excited to talk about this palette!

The reason why I hadn’t bought the ABH Sultry palette yet, is because I really wanted to save some money and even though I love this palette, it’s pretty similar to eyeshadow palettes I have to it wasn’t a must.

However, the palette stayed in my thoughts and I saw a lot of gorgeous eye looks all over the internet. Recently during a sale, I bought this baby. It’s a very pretty cool toned neutral eyeshadow palette and to be honest, this is one of the prettiest packagings I have ever seen. The palette is part of their 2018 Holiday Collection.

Since it’s dark outside very early and most of the days are also very cloudy, it was hard for me to take good pictures. I decided to look for something to help me out and I found a little photo studio with great light. Moreover, I decided to take pictures with my (well, my parent’s actually haha) Sony camera. I really hope you can tell my pictures are looking better now. However, I’m still working on my photography skills so it might not be perfect yet.

Alright.. back to the palette review!

The packaging

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette | Review ⋆ Beautymone

This packaging is really out of this world. Look how stunning it is! And what I really like is that ABH did the carton as well as the actual palette packaging in this gorgeous-looking bronze glittery color. All ABH palettes I own have a simple carton packaging and a velvet palette packaging. I really like the velvet ones but I do think this one is the best looking packaging of all the ABH palettes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette | Review ⋆ Beautymone

Here’s the actual palette inside with all the gorgeous shades. The palette contains a huge mirror and a brush, as always. I love all the shades in here, except for the bright coral one. I don’t think it matches this palette, to be honest. The shade itself looks pretty but it would’ve been better fitting in another color scheme in my opinion.

I love the mix of matte shades and metallic shades in here and that the palette has a black shade as well. You can create a pretty smokey eye with this palette!

Shades included:

  • Fresh (Matte ivory pink)
  • Pearl (Metallic pearl white with a soft-pink undertone)
  • Steampunk (Metallic topaz bronze)
  • Rose Quartz (Metallic soft peach with a pink shift)
  • Ember (Metallic bronzed khaki)
  • Bloom (Matte coral pink)
  • Birch (Matte mid-tone yellow taupe)
  • Cinder (Metallic cool-tone beige taupe with gold flecks)
  • Twig (Matte mid-tone taupe)
  • Teak (Metallic golden brown)
  • Dystopian (Matte dark ash brown)
  • Cyborg (Metallic silver with a violet undertone)
  • Slate (Matte slate grey)
  • Noir (Matte deep black)


It wasn’t really easy to take pictures inside my little photo studio haha. I still have to practice with not getting the whole studio in the back of my pictures. At least you can see the swatches pretty good. First picture from top to bottom: Fresh, Pearl, Steampunk, Rose Quartz, Ember, Birch, Cinder, Twig, Teak, Dystopian, Cyborg, Slate, and Noir. The second picture shows the shades from above from right to left.

I do think that people who own an ABH palette are familiar with the fact that the shadows are somewhat powdery. There’s a kickback in the pan and the powder can go everywhere. To be honest, I don’t really mind that because the shadows perform very well and you can blow the additional powder away. Keep in mind to tap off your brush! However, if you don’t like powdery shadows this palette might not be one for you.

The shadows performed very well while swatching them. They’re very pigmented and smooth. The metallics are my fave because you’ll get a lot of pay off with just one swipe. The matte shades have to be build up a little bit more but that’s a good thing when you’re building up the shadows on your eyes. The matte black shade had me shocked a little bit! Most of the times I can tell black is a little bit harder to make for brands and I’ve experienced some patchy ones before, but this one isn’t patchy at all!

Product information

This palette contains 2 cult-favorite shades and 12 all-new shades and retails for $42. Since it’s a Holiday Collection palette, I’m not sure if this one is limited edition or permanent. If this palette is on your wishlist, I would make sure to get it because it would be very unfortunate if you would miss out!

The palette is cruelty-free.

Final Thoughts

This palette might not be the most inventive and original palette in this world. And I think this palette is for some of you out there a little disappointing, but if you’re a neutral lover this palette is a must! If you have similar palettes in your collection already, I can imagine you would skip this palette. However, I do really like the palette. The pigmentation is good, you can easily work with it and the metallics are very pretty!

Did you get this palette? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

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