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MAC Cosmetics recently came out with Mini MAC Lipsticks, small versions of their best-selling full-size lipsticks. Not only are these lipsticks super cute, but they’re also very travel-friendly and easy to take with you. Moreover, if you don’t wear a lot of lipsticks (or you have a lot of them as I do) a smaller version might be the perfect amount for you. I bought two Mini MAC Lipsticks to test out for you! 

There’s a pretty wide variety of Mini MAC Lipsticks, from nude shades to berry shades and reds, you can pick which shades you would like in a petite version. I personally went for MAC Velvet Teddy, the most icon lipstick shade MAC has and I didn’t have it in my collection yet, and for MAC Mehr which is another well-known shade.

I truly love the MAC Lipsticks and basically all their formulas. From their Mattes and Satin formulas to their Powder Kiss formula, all of them have something unique and most of all, are very comfortable. I just had to give the Mini MAC Lipsticks a chance, because this may be the first time I get to empty a lipstick lol!

Mini MAC Lipsticks in Velvet Teddy and Mehr

Why I Love These 2 Best-Selling Mini Mac Lipsticks (And You Should, Too!) - Velvet Teddy And Mehr

Look how cute they are! The packaging is the exact same as a normal full-size MAC lipstick but, obviously, smaller. The smell, as well as the formula, are all the same, so if you already know you love the MAC formula then you only have to pick the right shade.

The mini MAC Lipsticks contain 1.8 g / 0.06 US oz, a normal size lipstick contains 3 g / 0.1 US oz. The Mini MAC Lipsticks retail for $12 and the normal, full-size MAC lipsticks retail for $19. You get a little over half a full-size lipstick which I think is a pretty good price but also means that a mini lipstick is slightly more expensive compared to a full-size if you do the math. Both the shades I got have a matte finish and high color payoff. The shades:

Caution: MAC Cosmetics advocates themselves as cruelty-free and even says they don’t test on animals. HOWEVER, it is required by law to test on animals in China and MAC Cosmetics does still sell its products there. This means that MAC Cosmetics is not considered cruelty-free. If you want to read more about this, please check out this article.

Velvet Teddy and Mehr Swatches

What I really like about these mini lipsticks, is that you can easily take them with you on a trip. Or for example, you’re new to MAC and want to try one or two shades. Getting a mini means you can empty them quite easily so let’s say you don’t love the shade you got, you’re pretty quick through it. This is also nice for the people with a huge lipstick collection *cough* me *cough*, it’s nice to have a mini version too because I tend to own so many lipsticks that I’m never going to empty those full-size lippies in time.

Now onto the most important part: the formula. As always, the MAC Lipsticks are pigmented and easy to apply. They have the same, soft smell to them as the full-size version which I really like. Both Velvet Teddy and Mehr are gorgeous. Velvet Teddy is one of the prettiest nudes in my lipstick collection. A shade as Mehr is new in my collection, as it is slightly brighter than I normally go for, but I understand why lots of people love this shade as well since it looks stunning!

Both the mini MAC Lipsticks are super creamy and have a great payoff with just one swipe. Moreover, the lipsticks are pretty long-wearing as well. I can easily wear them for 3-4 hours without them budging. Besides that, I do think these are wearing off nicely as well. They fade slowly and slightly, without leaving crumbs or harsh lines. Even though these lipsticks are matte on the lips, they’re not drying out the lips and basically feel like a normal, creamy lipstick but with a matte look. I personally really enjoy lipsticks like this!

One of the things that’s just a fact and I have to admit it, MAC lipsticks always will be my favorite lipstick formula. I have a lot of lipsticks in my collection and I have more I really love but no lipstick can top MAC lipsticks.

Have you ever tried MAC lipsticks or these mini versions? Let me know in the comments what your experiences are and if you have an absolute favorite shade! Liked this post about MAC Cosmetics? Check out my complete MAC reviews and posts archive.

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