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It’s been a while since I bought new MAC lipsticks. It’s even been a while since I last ordered from them. When MAC had a great sale, I decided it was time to add 4 new MAC lipsticks to my collection after years of not buying a new shade. The MAC Lipstick formula has always been one of my faves so while this haul was pretty unexpected, I was super excited to finally try some new shades.

Mac Lipsticks

I have been a lover of the MAC lipsticks for years now, however, it’s been a while since I bought a new shade. However, I’ve been adding a couple of shades to my wishlist and when there was a 1+1 free sale, I had to get myself 4 new lipsticks. So I bought 2 and got 4 of them, which I think is a great deal. The lipsticks I bought are Twig, Whirl, Taupe, and Creme In Your Coffee.

All the bullet lipsticks retail for $19 and they contain 3 G / 0.1 OZ. each. Taupe and Whirl are in their Matte formula, Twig is in their Satin formula, and Creme In Your Coffee is in their Cremesheen formula. I also bought 2 MAC Glow Play Blushes which I reviewed in a separate blog post.

If you haven’t heard about the different MAC lipsticks formulas before or need a little reminder, this is what you can expect from each different formula:

  • Matte formula: a creamy rich lipstick formula with a high color payoff in a no-shine matte finish.
  • Satin formula: a creamy lipstick formula with a soft cushiony feel, medium-to-full buildable coverage, and a satin finish.
  • Cremesheen formula: a creamy, balmy lipstick formula with a comforting feel, medium buildable coverage, and a semi-glossy finish.

Caution: MAC Cosmetics is not considered cruelty-free. Even though they say they’re cruelty-free, their products are sold in mainland China where animal testing is required by law. Moreover, it’s uncertain if their ingredients are tested on animals or if their suppliers test on animals. Want to read more about this? Click here.

MAC Lipsticks Swatches

The MAC Lipsticks always stay the OG bosses when it comes to lipstick formulas and you can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick ever. I’m pleased with the colors I added to my collection! Twig and Creme In Your Coffee are my favorites out of these 4. I love a good nude, which Creme To Your Coffee is, and Twig is a bit of a darker shade on me which looks very chic.

I’m not sure if I’m able to pick a favorite formula though, so far I really like all the different MAC lipstick formulas. If I really have to pick one, I think it would be their Matte formula. However, their Satin formula comes close. I have to say that I also like their Powder Kiss formula, which is a more recent formula they’ve come out with.

One of the reasons I didn’t purchase any MAC products for a while now is that they’re not cruelty-free and they’re not transparent about it either. They’re even telling customers they are cruelty-free, even though they sell their products in China. It could be that MAC is cruelty-free in Europe and/or the US but it’s just not certain. It holds me back from buying products but I’m still struggling with staying completely cruelty-free. I really hope MAC becomes truly cruelty-free and transparent about their policies in the future though because I do love their products a lot.

If you’re looking for other brands with similar lipsticks, I recommend checking out Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty. I love bareMineral’s Mineralist lipsticks as a replacement for the MAC Satin and Creme lipsticks, as well as the KKW Beauty Creme lipsticks.

Have you tried the OG MAC Lipsticks? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. There’s just something about a Mac lipstick I can’t quite explain and Twig, Whirl and Taupe are all complete classics!

    Katie |

  2. Whirl and Taupe are two of my favourite nude lipsticks of all time. Both shades are truly gorgeous. That shade Twig looks absolutely stunning though and now I feel like I need it. I also think that shade will suit you so much! The cream blushes also look hella pretty, so maybe I’ll pick some up in the near future 🙂

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