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  1. I didn’t pick this collection up but I have to say it looks stunning. The glosses and highlighters are too pretty! The palette doesn’t call my name as much as I don’t usually go for blue or green eyeshadow but I love how pigmented it looks and is!

    xoxo Olivia

    1. I normally don’t go for these types of colors but I have to admit I have a green obsession lately lol. It’s not something I would wear daily but I’m pretty much obsessed!

  2. OMG this collection sounds amazing! I had actually never heart of Raw Beauty Kristi until this Colourpop collection came out. She seems really sweet though! That pigmentation in the palette sounds amazing! Your swatches are so clean and gorgeous!


  3. ERM THAT EYESHADOW PALETTE IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. When I first saw this release, the eyeshadow palette immediately grabbed my attention and now I regret not picking it up because your swatches are incredible. I love the colour story because it’s colourful but still super wearable. I also love that green eyeliner as the shade is unique and I bet it would look beautiful on the lids!