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The Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette caught my attention immediately when it got revealed. I tried to contain myself and I didn’t buy it when it launched. After the launch, pictures of this palette started circulating and made me want to buy it even more. Then Sigma hit my weak spot; they had a sale, sitewide. Of course, I couldn’t contain myself and so the Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette became mine.

I’ve never tried Sigma Beauty eyeshadows before so I was very curious to see how I like their formula and if the shadows are pigmented. I personally really like their brushes (I wrote a blog post about my favorite Sigma Brushes) and I know they’re from high-quality so I wanted to give their shadows a chance too. I love how the Sigma Enchanted palette also comes with a dual-sided brush. So you’ll get a 14 pan eyeshadow palette and 2 brushes for $49, which I think is a good deal. 

Sigma Beauty Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette | Review

The Sigma Enchanted Palette is a transcend beauty with 14 color-shifting eyeshadows in buildable, blendable formulas, featuring duochrome, matte, and shimmer finishes. The dual-sided brush has the E38 Diffused Crease™ (to soften + blend harsh color lines) on one side and the E54 Medium Sweeper™ ( to pack + blend colors across the lid) on the other side. The palette retails for $49 on the Sigma Beauty website and QVC.

The palette is gluten-free, lactose-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. It’s important to note that Sigma Beauty isn’t completely vegan, not all of their brushes are vegan. Make sure it says “synthetic fibers” in the details section.

Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette Swatches

I have to admit that the matte shades disappointed me a bit. The matte shades swatched a bit patchy (which you can see in the picture). I also noticed some kickback in the pan after I dipped my finger in it for a swatch.

However, arm swatches don’t say everything so I still had hope it would be better on the eyes. Sadly I had the same effect on my eyes as well. The matte shades applied a bit patchy but I was able to blend that away. However, the shades didn’t really show up on my eyes. I ended up using another palette to make sure that the color would show up. Even the darker shades didn’t really have a lot of pigment. Nevertheless, I do like the metallics and duo-chrome shades in this palette. These swatch very nicely and do show up on my arm and eyes. 

I have to be honest, this isn’t an amazing palette. Yes, I do like the shade variety and the shades look very promising but the mattes aren’t worth it. This palette contains 7 mattes and 7 metallics, so this means you’ll pay $49 for a dual-ended brush and 7 nice shades. In the end, it’s cheaper than buying a palette and two brushes separately but still, I don’t think it’s worth it. 

Sigma Beauty is an amazing brand, so I definitely don’t want to bash them. I do think they could improve their matte shades. This palette would’ve been a hit if the mattes weren’t patchy and lacking pigment. 

I don’t think I’ll grab this palette a lot but I do think I’ll use the metallic and duo-chrome shades in this palette. I have some palettes with lovely matte shades which will look very cute with the metallic and duo-chrome shades in the Sigma Beauty Enchanted palette. 

Did you try this palette? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. That’s such a shame that you didn’t enjoy the palette as much as you hoped Simone, especially since you waited it out and was really looking forward to it. Hopefully you still get use out of it and enjoy it regardless. Love your reviews and it’s great that you’re honest about the quality of the shadows in case someone buys it and is disappointed
    Alex xx

    1. Thank you so much Alex! It’s a shame that it’s not what I expected but I feel like I can still work with it (especially the shimmers). However, I don’t think I’ll reach for it a lot. At least, I can hopefully help others with their decisions whether to buy the palette or not. 🙂

  2. I am usually boring when it comes to eyeshadow, I mainly wear nudes shades. I like some of the colors in this palette, although a few might be a little out there for me. Would Sephora have this to view in person? (I am not familiar with the brand).

  3. This is a great and honest review. I agree that the palette looks better in the pan than it does in the swatches. The colours are beautiful though, and at least you got it on sale! I would love to try Sigma brushes one day.

  4. What a bummer that you didn’t enjoy this palette. Admittedly, I had regrets for not picking this up but kept stopping myself due to the high price for a brand I hadn’t tried yet. The metallics are stunning, but now I’ll have to give it a second thought as to whether I’d grab this if they do restock it for holiday.

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