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The first time I saw the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel palette I knew I loved it but I wasn’t so sure to get it. I just bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina palette and I felt pretty overwhelmed with all the launches. However, as I use this excuse almost every time, there was a sale and I was able to snatch this palette with a 25% discount. So I couldn’t contain myself, what’s new here?! Lol. I’m going to share all my thoughts about the palette, and swatches and I’ll be sharing some looks as well. 

I have to say that with all those ABH launches, I was and still am pretty much overwhelmed. I know I don’t have to buy products if I don’t want to but the label ‘limited edition’ makes me scared I’ll miss out on something good. Especially with ABH, after I missed the Amrezy highlighter and saw everyone LOVING it, I felt horrible and I just don’t want to miss out you know.

It’s not a healthy habit, I know that so d*mn well but I’ll start working on this after Black Friday. If you would like, I’m taking you on this journey with me. A couple of ideas I have right now are Project Pan and a Low buy with monthly updates. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see! 

Anyway, back to the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel palette. The moment I saw this palette, I already knew I was going to end up buying it. But I was still trying to hold myself back from buying during the launch and just watch a couple of reviews first. Also, I wanted to see if I loved it as much as I did after the whole launch and hype were over. And I actually did still like it. As usual, a nice discount got me in and I bought it. 

The store I ordered from is actually a Dutch beauty store which is called Douglas. The benefit of ordering products in your own country instead of the UK or US is that products get delivered the day after I place my order. Such a great service! Sadly, my palette came broken. The shade ‘My Angles’ was all shattered.

Another benefit is that I could contact my store and ask for a replacement. It took a while until they actually responded to me, I know it’s a very busy time here in the Netherlands because of ‘Sinterklaas’ (this is a Dutch Holiday) and Christmas,  but they all handled it very well and I got a FREE new palette. Yes, I ended up getting this palette for free! I actually didn’t expect that since I thought I would just get a replacement after I returned the broken one so this was a nice surprise. 

I like to believe I was supposed to buy this palette and the universe rewarded me with a free one. Or I’m just lucky in some way. Or God loves me and gifted it to me. Whatever you wanna call it, I’m happy I got the palette. 

After this huge storytime, I think it’s time to dive into the review! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Carli Bybel Palette | Review &Amp; Swatches
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel palette

I love how this palette gives you a lot of variety. It’s possible to create super-soft, subtle looks but also more night-time looks. Personally, I miss a darker pinkish or purple color to match the first row of the palette. I think that would’ve made the palette even more complete. However, that’s just a personal preference. It’s not that I can’t create great looks now and if I want a darker pinkish or purple color, I just grab another palette. No real issues so far! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel Palette Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Carli Bybel Palette Swatches
Top to bottom: Boli (Metallic champagne), Bybel (Matte reddish-purple brown), Mandala (Metallic/Duo chrome light purple), Libra (Metallic goldish), Jode (Shimmer teal), OA (Duo chrome blue + purple), Boie (Matte ash brown), Bear (Matte beige), Moo (Metallic light gold), Chai (Matte light brown), Cindy (Matte bright orange pressed pigment), Stev (Matte dark red), Aura (Metallic red-pink shimmer), My Angels (Metallic gold)

Mentioned on the ABH website is this: Cindy is not intended for use around the immediate eye area. Which I do think is weird, because this is an eyeshadow palette so why can’t you use it on the eye area? But it’s good to mention this though, so please watch out when using the shade Cindy close to your eyes. 

Overall, the shades swatched very easily and look very nice on the arm as well as the eyes. I had a bit of a harder time while using the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina palette. However, this palette is super easy to work with and easy to blend too. The shades Jode and OA almost look identical swatched, but I feel like Jode is slightly more silvery blue and OA has a more pinkish/purple shift to it. 

Mandala is a metallic/duo-chrome shade but it’s very sheer in my opinion. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be sheer. If not, then that’s my least favorite shade. But I do think it could be a pretty topper. 

I think I can make a lot of looks with this palette and I can’t wait to play with it even more. Here is a look I’ve made with the palette. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel Palette Makeup Look

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Carli Bybel Palette Makeup Look
I used the ABH x Jackie Aina palette to darken up the edges with a purple.

See you next time loves, 


  1. Stunning look! I love how beautiful the palette swatches. I still haven’t found an ABH palette that calls my name more than the Soft Glam because I find them all to be kinda similar but I still think ABH palette are of good quality. xx

  2. I was obsessed with this palette when I saw Carli’s swatches but I’ve not felt motivated to use it yet. I agree that a deeper purple would be good for the palette!

  3. That’s amazing that you got it on sale and then Douglas were so great with their customer service! This is a lovely palette but personally it’s just not vibrant enough for me, I only really like the red, the pink shimmer and the green gold. But you’ve managed to create a gorgeous look with it! I adore my Jackie Aina palette and so I wouldn’t need this but I’m glad you’re loving it! I can’t wait to see the more looks you create with it girl.
    Alex xxx

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