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  1. Stunning look! I love how beautiful the palette swatches. I still haven’t found an ABH palette that calls my name more than the Soft Glam because I find them all to be kinda similar but I still think ABH palette are of good quality. xx

  2. I was obsessed with this palette when I saw Carli’s swatches but I’ve not felt motivated to use it yet. I agree that a deeper purple would be good for the palette!

  3. That’s amazing that you got it on sale and then Douglas were so great with their customer service! This is a lovely palette but personally it’s just not vibrant enough for me, I only really like the red, the pink shimmer and the green gold. But you’ve managed to create a gorgeous look with it! I adore my Jackie Aina palette and so I wouldn’t need this but I’m glad you’re loving it! I can’t wait to see the more looks you create with it girl.
    Alex xxx