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  1. I received this palette for my birthday so I’m super excited to use it, but that is so disappointing that those two shades were so patchy. I love the look you created, but I’ll have to keep your advice in mind when I’m trying to blend out the matter on my eye. I love the outer packaging, too.

  2. How strange! In other photos I’ve seen on the internet, the colors (all of them) looks super pigmented and not patchy at all! Awesome post! 🙂

  3. Those swatches look so sus. I’ve swatched enough to know that even one swipe won’t make that kind of mark so I honestly won’t believe that that’s how they came out especially when I’ve seen firsthand the swatches on that palette. For the benefit of the doubt, could’ve gotten from a bad batch but those swatches girl….sure…

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you for your comment. I’m sad to hear you don’t believe the swatches I provided in this blog post. However, this is truly how the swatches came out. I create my swatches by rubbing my finger not too hard in the shadow and then I softly apply the product onto my arm. Then this is how they turn out. Hope this helped! Have a good day!