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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on July 11, 2020

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette has been on my list for a long time. I’ve seen other people using this palette and I fell in love more and more. I’m so excited to finally show you my thoughts on this palette, show you swatches, and share my thoughts. Did this palette live up to my expectations or did it fail me? Let’s find out! 

As you might know, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk once started as just one lipstick and is expanded to a full Pillow Talk range of products. As the Charlotte Tilbury website explains “It started with a dream…Charlotte wanted to bottle the perfect, beauty-enhancing, pink hue she used to mix by hand for every star on the planet. Since then, Pillow Talk mania has taken over the world!”

In the meantime, there’s a Pillow Talk lipstick in different formulas (lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner, and metallic lipstick) as well as Pillow Talk lipstick shades for medium and deeper skin tones as well. Besides lip products, Pillow Talk is also available as a blush (two powder blush shades and recently launched as a limited edition cream blush/lip product as well) and eyeshadow. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow started in a quad but is also available in a 12 pan eyeshadow palette and that’s exactly the one I got. 

“Now, Charlotte is making it her mission to paint the sultry, sexy, pillow-y hue on EVERYONE’S lips, eyes and cheeks by introducing NEW! dreamy, dialled up Pillow Talk shades for every occasion, every mood, every skin tone and every eye colour! Discover Charlotte’s Pillow Talk UNIVERSE and get ready to fall DEEPER in love…”

I’m absolutely in love with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, I even mentioned it in my top 5 go-to lipsticks. Once I saw this palette, I fell in love! I didn’t buy this palette immediately since it is pretty expensive and I’m trying to buy less makeup (we all know how much I fail lol) but my friend Sarah from A Woman’s Confidence did a review on the Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette and that was the moment I decided to buy it. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette

Luxurious Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review &Amp; Swatches

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow palette contains 12 shades, divided into 4 different categories. The colors are inspired by the Pillow Talk lipstick. This limited edition eyeshadow palette features four eye glow looks that can be used for every occasion, from day to desk to date and beyond! The palette retails for $75.

Eyeshadow Promises by Charlotte tilbury

  • 12 magical shades from the dreamy world of Pillow Talk in a mix of super-soft, intense matte and metallic pearl finishes
  • Diamond Powder infuses a jewel-like light and clarity to your eyes, creating a luminous, natural-looking glow
  • The magical matte shadows contain coated pigments with silicones for a silky, luxurious touch and emollient oils for optimized spreadability
  • Metallic pearl shades contain coated pigments for a soft, cushiony feel and Emollient Esters for comfortable-to-wear glam!

The Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette is cruelty-free but not vegan. For vegan Charlotte Tilbury products, please check out the list here

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

The shadows in this palette feel extremely soft when touching them. I notice some kickbacks in the pan when I swatched them with my finger. This also happens a little bit when you dip your eyeshadow brush into the palette. 

Even though the shadows are slightly powdery, the pigmentation is amazing. I notice when shadows are slightly powdery, they’re 95% of the time very pigmented as well. Because the pigmentation is so good, I don’t mind some kickback in the pan. When you tap off your brush before applying the shadows on your eyes, you won’t have any fallout on the face either. 

I love how this palette is divided into 4 categories. If you’re new to makeup and need a little help with creating looks, this is perfect. You don’t have to be a beginner to like this though, I personally think this is easy when I don’t have the inspiration to come up with a look. Despite the categories, you’re obviously free to use the colors you want to use together. 

The metallic shades in the palette are soft, velvety like and not super glittery. I don’t think the metallic shades were supposed to be super glittery. They provide a gorgeously soft, glowy effect. Nothing too much but just enough to take your look to the next level. 

I loved how easily this palette swatched, how easy it is to pick up the product, the pigment is great and the overall softness of the shades feels very nice on the arm as well as on the eyes. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette Review

This palette is absolutely stunning. From the outer packaging, which is gold and luxurious looking, to the actual shades inside. The colors in this palette are right up my alley! I love how this palette is divided into 4 categories, which makes it easy for beginners and pros. 

The shadows are so soft, which I really like. Even though they’re a bit powdery, the pigmentation is amazing and the formula is lightweight. I didn’t notice fallout on the face when I tapped off my brush. The shadows are long-wearing, I even had to go over them multiple times to get them off. It’ll stay in place all day! The quality of this palette is great and definitely luxurious. 

The blendability of the shadows is amazing and is very easy to do so. For example, I have to put in some work to make some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows blend but these shadows feel like they blended themselves. 

The palette is expensive but you’ll get a high-end, luxurious, and high-quality product in return. Because of the ease, pigmentation, blendability, softness, silkiness, and natural glowy effect I think this palette is 100% worth the money. 

Don’t forget, this palette is a limited edition! If you want to get it, make sure you’re getting it ASAP because I don’t know how long this will be around. 

  • For my UK readers, you can buy the palette at Harvey Nichols.
  • For my US readers, you can buy the palette at Sephora. 

What are your thoughts on this palette? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I see this palette on social media a lot and it always catches my eye with the color story and gold packaging. I can’t think of another palette that is organized into categories. Good to know that you approve of it! I’m hoping to find it in a US discount store one day, such as TJMaxx, when it does get discontinued lol

    xoxo Amanda |

  2. Yes, so happy to hear how much you love this palette because it’s definitely one of my faves too! I’m honestly in love with it and agree that this palette is so easy to work with and it gives the most amazing colour pay-off. It’s just perfect

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