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Black Honey Dupe ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on August 31, 2023

So, you’re a fan of Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick too? You’re not alone! This cult-favorite lip color has been turning heads and making waves in the beauty industry for years.

With its unique ability to look fantastic on just about any skin tone, it’s no wonder we all want a piece of the Black Honey pie.

But let’s be real here: shelling out $24 every time you need a new tube can really start to add up. And that’s why I’m here today – to share a fabulous Clinique Black Honey dupe that won’t break the bank!

In this article, we’ll dive into my favorite affordable alternatives that deliver comparable color payoff and feel. Get ready to rock those sultry, honey-hued lips without burning a hole in your pocket!

About The Original: Clinique Almost Lipstick In Black Honey

Let’s dive right in and talk about the original game-changer, the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. This product is a classic from Clinique, but it’s not your regular lipstick or gloss. It feels more like a balm that you can layer on with ease.

The real magic happens when you apply this emollient-rich formula to your lips. It glides on effortlessly, delivering a sheer glossy slip of lightweight color while providing a sleek moist finish.

What sets this beauty apart is its cult-classic shade – Black Honey. Famous for its chameleon-like ability to flatter all skin tones yet look different on everyone, it’s got quite the mystique!

You might be taken aback by how dark it looks in the tube but don’t let that fool you! Its sheer formula makes the application super forgiving – no mirror required!

Now here comes an exciting part: although we’re focusing on the fan-favorite ‘Black Honey’, there’s also another shade available – Pink Honey!

Here are some key points about this darling:

  • Sheer coverage
  • Soft-shine finish
  • Combines benefits of both lipstick and lip gloss
  • The unique Black Honey shade appears slightly different on each person
  • Can be worn alone or layered under/over other lip colors

Application? Couldn’t be easier! Just apply directly to your lips and layer as desired. If you want to, you could apply it on top of a lip liner or other lipstick.

Worried about those pesky parabens, phthalates, or fragrances? Fear not because this product is free from them all!

  • A quite comfortable formula
  • Gives a unique tint to the lips
  • Is quite long-wearing
  • Non-sticky or greasy formula
  • A little too sheer for my liking
  • Not super moisturizing
  • No high-shine finish

About The Dupe: Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Balm In Mauve Promenade

Okay, guys, let’s talk about this Clinique Black Honey dupe – the Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Balm in Mauve Promenade. First off, it’s vegan! Plus, you’re not just getting one color option here. Nope! There are four different hues to choose from:

  • Pink Genre (#01), which gives a dreamy clear-looking pink tint.
  • Coral Brunch (#02), if you’re after a sunny warm coral shade.
  • Rose Thought (#03) for those of us who adore a roseful MLBB look.
  • And of course, our star player today – Mauve Promenade (#04) delivers a stunning purplish mauve touch.

What sets this balm apart is how it leaves your lips looking glassy but never sticky. It’s enriched with Coconut oil so say hello to long-lasting nourishment and hydration for your pout.

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The application? Oh-so-smooth! Just glide it directly onto your lips and boom – instant glam!

Now, let’s chat about Peripera itself – the brand behind this lipstick wonder. Since its establishment back in 2006, they’ve been all about bright colors and youthful vibes.

From Korea with love, they’ve won hearts worldwide with their famous lip tints like Ink The Velvet and Ink Airy Velvet among others.

  • Very comfortable, moisturizing formula
  • Lightweight and non-sticky
  • Opaque color payoff and gorgeous high-shine finish
  • Very affordable yet high-quality
  • Less precise application compared to Clinique

Clinique Black Honey VS Peripera Mauve Promenade

As you can see in the swatches above, Clinique Black Honey and Peripera Mauve Promenade definitely look quite similar.

The biggest difference right from the bat, is their undertone. Black Honey has a warmer, more reddish undertone whereas Mauve Promenade has a cooler, pinkish undertone.

The difference in shade and formula becomes more visible when I use both of the lippies on my actual lips at the same time, which you can see above.

Shade-wise, it may not be an exact Black Honey dupe – however, I have to say a few things about the formulas and their similarities so keep on reading!


When it comes to pigmentation, both lip products have something to offer. Clinique’s Black Honey is famous for its sheer yet buildable color. You’ll get a hint of tint with one swipe, but layer it on and you’ll see a richer hue come through – it still stays quite sheer.

On the flip side, Peripera’s Mauve Promenade is called a lip balm but isn’t shy at all! This lippie delivers quite an opaque color from the get-go but is also buildable to get even more color payoff.

Not going to lie, I really like the peripera pigment and shade way more! I’m a sucker for a mauve lipstick so I might be a little subjective here, however, I was already really disappointed with the minimal color payoff of Black Honey even before I tried Mauve Promenade.


Both formulas are definitely comfortable, yet peripera is again the winner for me. In my opinion, the formula is the most moisturizing and pleasant on the lips – the Clinique formula feels a tiny bit more drying to me.

The high-shine finish of peripera Mauve Promenade is what I initially expected from Clinique Black Honey. With Black Honey is was disappointed to see not much glow, with Mauve Promenade I was happily surprised to see this amount of shine!

Both of the formulas are non-sticky or greasy, which I don’t like in a lip balm or lip oil product. Both of them are lightweight and quite creamy. Peripera has the creamiest formula of the two, though.


Application-wise, there are some differences worth noting too. With its slim stick format and quite soft texture, applying Clinique Black Honey is as easy as pie – even without a mirror!

The peripera Mauve Promenade tube is a little thicker, which makes precise application a little harder. So I have to give this round to Clinique, as the slim stick tube is easy to apply precisely!

Other than that, in general, both products are easy to apply and to work with.


Actually, I think longevity is a spar between the two. I wore both of them after I took the photo for comparison to see if one side would fade quicker than the other, but they started to fade at the same time and equally.

I would say that Mauve Promenade faded a tad bit sooner, maybe because of the more creamy and glossy formula. But it wasn’t too bad.

Because both of them are more like a lip balm type of formula, they’re not super long-wearing. Expect an hour of 2 max. Not bad for this formula!


Finally, we can’t ignore value for money. Here’s where things really heat up:


That’s quite a difference in price point, isn’t it?! Even though I love myself some high-end and luxury beauty products, it’s always nice to find bargains that are still high-quality!

If budget is a top priority then you might lean towards snagging yourself a tube (or two!) of peripera Mauve Promenade!

Final Thoughts On Peripera Mauve Promenade As Clinique Black Honey Dupe

After weeks of trying out peripera’s Mauve Promenade, I’ve found myself reaching for it more often than Clinique Black Honey. It might not be a spot-on Black Honey dupe but I actually prefer the peripera formula over the Clinique formula.

I must say, peripera’s rich color and buttery texture with the gorgeous high-shine finish have me completely hooked. The formula is light as a feather and oh-so comfortable to wear all day long. Moreover, I also just love the cooler-toned, mauve vibe.

What really caught my attention though is how versatile this little tube of lipstick is. Swipe it once for an opaque finish or build up layers to achieve a good layer of pigmentation – which won’t happen with Black Honey, not even after 20 layers.

And let’s talk about that price point! With Clinique Black Honey retailing at around $24 and Peripera Mauve Promenade coming in under $11 (yes you read that right), my wallet is certainly singing praises.

Now don’t get me wrong – I still like my Black Honey as the color is quite unique, even though the pigment and shine disappointed me. Combining Black Honey with a lip liner and a gloss (see my look here) on top also looks great!

But if you’re looking for an affordable alternative without compromising on quality or versatility, then Peripera’s Mauve Promenade should be next on your list!

This isn’t just about saving money (though who doesn’t love that?), but also discovering new brands and products that might surprise us with their performance. And boy, has this one surprised me in all the best ways possible!

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