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Recently I already reviewed one part of the Colourpop x Disney collection but I couldn’t include the highlighters since I wasn’t able to get them. Colourpop did a restock and thankfully I was able to get them this time! So I’m going to review them today.

I planned on doing a haul blog post but the customs sabotaged that plan lol. There’s also a Kylie Cosmetics order coming but it still hasn’t arrived because it has to be checked for by the customs. Sadly that’s not coming in time to include in this review. Anyway, let’s get into the Colourpop x Disney details!

So as I already said before, I did a review on the palette, 2 lipsticks, and a lipgloss. You can check this out here. I really wanted the highlighters as well, but these sold out within seconds. I was literally so sad over this haha. BUT thankfully I was able to get them when the restocked everything. And let me tell you, I was really happy they finally got here!


In my previous review, I already thought the packaging was so cute. So is the packaging of the highlighters! They come in a gold carton packaging with a hole so you can actually see the color of the highlighter. The actual highlighter packaging is black and has the castle on it, which I think is so extremely adorable!

On these photos, you can already see the actual highlighter colors and the back of the packaging. It has the names on it as well. The pink highlighter is called ‘Part of your world’ and the gold highlighter is called ‘A smile and a song.’ Very cute names and very Disney like, of course.


Here’s a good close-up of both of the highlighters. ‘Part of your world’ is a soft silvery pink and ‘A smile and a song’ is a light gold. I think both of these colors look very pretty in the pan. This is how Colourpop explains their formula: “Our famous Super Shock formula has a bouncy texture that creates the ultimate glow. It’s buildable, blendable, and so buttery soft.” I fully agree with their explanation. When you touch the highlighters with your finger, it almost feels like it’s wet. The highlighters are super soft, feels like butter and it has that pressable effect if you know what I mean.


My natural light photo might not look that good, the weather here is pretty rainy and cloudy so it’s hard to take good pictures. Anyway, the left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. The top shade is ‘Part of your world’ and the bottom shade is ‘A smile and a song.’ Both colors are very buildable, so you can create a natural glow or a blinding glow. The formula blends super pretty, it doesn’t emphasize pores and they give you a very pretty glow. The colors are very natural, which I like as well. Moreover, they look great on fair skin tone! I was a little bit scared they might’ve been too dark for me, but not at all!

Product information

Both the highlighters are $8 each, which is a very affordable price for such good quality. The both contain 4.2g/0.15oz.

The last time they sold out super fast, but thankfully both are still available! The Colourpop x Disney products are limited edition so if you haven’t got them yet, make sure you will! Don’t wait too long or they might be gone.

Colourpop is of course vegan & cruelty-free.

Final Thoughts

These highlighters were super high on my wishlist and I expected a lot from them. Thankfully they didn’t disappoint me at all. They’re amazing, the quality is so good, they’re pigmented, buildable, soft and very affordable!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone


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    Melissa said:

    These highlighters look so lovely!!