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  1. I have the unveil shade in this and I completely agree with the weightless feel and one swipe intense colour. I am really enjoying wearing a darker colour than usual and it was a toss up between this shade and the one I bought. I hate that the one I have leaves the wet inner part of my lip bare and when I smile it isn’t totally visible. Does this do the same or is it less noticeable because it’s a lot lighter? I do love Fenty products in general though, compete convert!

    1. I recognize what you say about leaving the wet inner part of the lip bare! I kinda feel like this shade does that a little bit as well but not too bad. It might be because it’s a lot lighter than Unveil though!

      1. I was wondering if it was something that happens across the full range or just the super dark one… it’s annoying because the formula is really good for a matte lip, usually they feel so dry and horrid.

  2. I totally agree. The bright red one she came out with was a bit much for me. I was so excited when she launched more shades. I just bought the Unveil – Chocolate Brown one and I absolutely love it! I definitely can make it last longer if I watch what I eat and drink all day!

    Alexx | https://aestheticsbyalexx.com