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  1. This was such a beautiful collection! ? The medium and deep versions appeal to me most, but for now I’m holding on buying …. but this is SO tempting. I may get that Mercury Retrograde palette though lol!

  2. The ONLY reason I didn’t get one of these palettes is because I have the New Nude Palette which I feel is very similar to the Nude Light and I feel like I have colours that are very similar to the other two Obsessions palettes in my makeup collection. However, I love the concept and think the palettes are so pretty. I love how you swatched them all and it seems like the quality is consistent across all three palettes too!

    1. That palette is still on my wishlist lol, even though I agree it’s very similar to Nude Light! I think the Rich palette is pretty close to the Mauve Obsessions palette too now I’ve been using it for a while. Still love them all three for sure. The quality is amazing!

  3. Awesome post! I love neutral eyeshadow palettes! I’ve haven’t tried Huda Beauty products yet, but it looks like I may need to. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. I’m so surprised here! Based on the palettes alone I was really drawn to the Medium one. But after seeing the swatches, I actually prefer both the Light and Rich. Great post!