Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection,High Gloss Bundle

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There’s one thing I love most about beauty and that’s putting products to the test. I want to find out if a product is a hit or a miss. In my beauty reviews, you’ll only find 100% honest thoughts and opinions, so you know what beauty product is worth spending your money on. In today’s post, I’m putting the Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection mini High Gloss set to the test. Keep reading for my in-depth review including swatches. 

You might be shocked after reading the title of the post. Did Simone really only purchase 1 item of the Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection? Yes, yes you’re right I did purchase just 1 item from a Kylie Cosmetics collection. I’m shocked myself too. 

However, I was supposed to buy nothing from this collection but here I am. I’m too much of a Kylie Cosmetics collector to fully miss a collection. Especially a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s baby girl. And probably future boss of Kylie Cosmetics, as I can tell she already loves playing with makeup. Not really a surprise if your mom owns a cosmetic brand lol. 

The packaging of this collection spoke to me right away, however, the products in this collection didn’t make me as enthusiastic as I normally am when Kylie is launching a new collection. The products that spoke to me the most were the blush and the mini High Gloss set. Since I own all the High Glosses and have way too many blushes as well, I first tried to talk myself out of buying anything. 

This went very well for such a long time, even after the collection launched. Then most of the products started to sell out, I panicked and quickly bought the mini High Gloss set. That’s why we are here today lol.  

Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection

Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection,High Gloss Bundle
The picture belongs to Kylie Cosmetics.

The whole Stormi Collection included 6 products, sold individually and as a bundle, and are the following: 

  • Stormi Mini Palette – $28
  • Mini High Gloss Set – $36
  • Heads in the Clouds Mini Lip Kit – $12
  • Give Me Butterflies Mini Lip Kit – $12
  • Stormi Mini Lip Kit – $12

The whole bundle has a $118 value and retailed for $108. This means $10 cheaper than buying the products individually. Yeah, I did this difficult calculation for you so you don’t have too! 

The Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection is a limited edition. It sold out completely at the launch, however, the mini palette and the blush got restocked and are still available the moment I’m writing this. Check the website out here, if you’re interested in one of these items. 

Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection Mini High Gloss Set

Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection Mini High Gloss Set
Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection Mini High Gloss Set

Kylie x Stormi Mini High Gloss Set includes 6 gorgeous shades. Each Mini High Gloss has an ultra-glossy, luminous gloss that glides on the lips smoothly and evenly with added shea butter leaving behind a radiant and moisturizing shine. Wear alone, with your favorite Lip Liner or layer on top of your favorite Matte Liquid Lipstick.

  • Little Sunshine: Sheer pale coral with violet and blue flecks
  • Sweet Dream: Sheer bubblegum pink
  • My Little Aquarius: Sheer pale lilac
  • Stormaloo: Sheer lavender with iridescent sparkle
  • Babyluv: Sheer strawberry pink
  • Deepest Love: Sheer cherry red

I like this mini set more than I initially thought I would. I love the colors in this set. Before trying them, I’m pretty sure a couple of shade is going to look similar on the lips but that’s a bit undeniable with glosses, especially when they’re sheer. 

The packaging is on point, as always. I love the butterfly theme because this really is a thing between Kylie and Travis Scott (Stormi’s dad). He gave her a butterfly necklace when she was pregnant, for example. I’m not sure if they ever explained what the butterfly means but it’s definitely something they’ve connected to Stormi and I think it’s cute. 

Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection Mini High Gloss Set Swatches & Review

I don’t wanna talk about how these swatches failed. They’re supposed to look like butterflies but glosses and a swatch stencils and trying to let them show up didn’t work out how I planned lol. Even though they don’t look like butterflies at all, you gladly can tell the colors of the shades. 

As you can tell, on the arm the shades look different. However, the difference between Little Sunshine, Sweet Dream, and My Little Aquarius is hardly noticeable on the lips. If you look very closely you can tell that the undertone is slightly different but a stranger (or even friends/family) won’t notice this. 

The High Gloss formula is my favorite lipgloss formula and this Mini High Gloss Set did not change that. The formula is shiny, not sticky, even feels pleasantly hydrating on the lips and after it wore off, easy to apply and overall just looking gorgeous.  

If a High Gloss contains glitters, such as Stormaloo, you won’t notice this on the lips. It doesn’t feel chunky or unpleasant. 

I have to admit that this Mini High Gloss Set might be a little expensive because, in the end, you only get 4 different shades since 3 of them look very similar on the lips. However, I do love these glosses and it’s actually one of the first lip products I’m going to empty, so for me personally, it’s not a huge deal. 

Overall, I think the packaging is cute, the shades are pretty, the names are amazing and the formula is the best out there. I don’t think this set is going to be restocked but most of the time, Kylie Cosmetics does relaunch limited edition products as a permanent product to the collection. I’m obviously not sure if this is going to happen but you never know! 🙂 

What do you think of the Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection Mini High Gloss Set? I’d love to know your thoughts so don’t forget to leave a comment below.


  1. I love the fourth one, the packaging of this collection, it’s one of the prettiest collections Kylie has done in my opinion

  2. These glosses looked so cute and this set was the most tempting thing to me in the collection. It’s a bummer that a few of the shades looked so similar, but in a way it’s nice to have unintentional backups!

  3. I really want to try some of the Kylie lip glosses because they look so pretty! Your butterfly swatches are adorable, even if they didn’t work out 100% haha! It’s a shame some of the shades seemed really similar but I’d love to see some pics with the glosses on

    1. Haha thank you, at least I tried right? lol! I’m working on creating a couple of looks to share on my IG but my ring light sold out the moment I wanted to order it so I’m waiting for it to be back in stock lol.

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