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  1. The look of this eyeshadow palette reminds me of Violet Voss’ palette due to the pan shapes and sizes. This eyeshadow palette looks stunning! The shades are wearable and can be used easily for daytime and evening. I love the look you created with it too and it really suits you. God damn it, here’s another one on my wish list…

  2. I love how your look came out – this palette is gorgeous. The new holiday collection looks super tempting but I’m going to resist

  3. I have several lorac palettes and first experienced lorac when i got a holiday set in 2012 called their sweet temptations set (before and until 2015 or so, i really only shopped MAC, those shades were like butter and blended themselves out so easy, almost to a fault… I found their formula has changed as to be expected in the years between then and since i got a few of their pro palettes.. My biggest Lorac fail IMHO is the Unzipped Unfiltered (that pretty pink? which is basically why i got the palette, does not have any pigment and doesn’t show up on my eyes at all).. with this luxe diamond palette being one of their recent best, yet completely under-rated products!!!

    1. I haven’t tried the Unzipped Unfiltered palette yet, it was on my wishlist but I think I can scrap it off my list. Hmmm, I really thought the Lorac palettes had all a very consistent formula… At least I’m really loving this palette and just got my Unzipped and Unzipped Gold palettes (review is coming soon but a little sneak peek lol) and I really like their formulas as well! This Lux Diamond palette is definitely underrated!