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  1. As always Simone I adore your looks and I adore your reviews! Can I just say his foundation looks FLAWLESS on your skin wow, I can imagine how beautiful and confident you feel in it. My cousin actually bought this foundation and I saw her wearing it and couldn’t believe how incredible it looks in real life. Once I’ve worked through a few of the foundations I already own I will definitely be purchasing this bc wow it looks amazing. I also love the look of the honey palette but I’m really leaning more towards the colourpop honey palette really. I would love to see the UD Swatch Party post if I’m honest girl!
    Alex xx

    1. Thank you so much, lovely! This foundation makes me feel super confident which is so nice. I’m super you’ll love it too once you buy it! The Colourpop Honey palette is stunning too for sure!!

  2. lol reading about how you lusted after that Naked Palette, I was like “same” haha!! I used to be obsessed with the Naked line – I had the Naked, Naked 3, and Naked Smokey!!

    As soon as I saw the UD foundation, I knew that I wanted it bc their original Naked Foundation is my holy grail foundation… admittedly, I’ve not yet had enough time to fully test this new foundation out since I’m trying so hard to finish my current UD foundation.

    But holy moly – your skin is LITERALLY flawless!! The concealer sounds so amazing and I wish I picked it up. I actually like going lighter with my concealer because I enjoy that brightening effect.

    As always, your flatlays look amazing! ?

    1. Absolutely love the colors!??? Won’t be picking it up becuase I already own the Colourpop Uh Huh Honey, but I still like to admire this beauty??

    2. The Naked line is just something special lol, I love it since forever.
      I hope you’ll finish your current foundation because I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this foundation!

      Thank you so much lovely!!