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  1. These swatches are impressive! I don’t have anything by Pat McGrath yet. I most likely would not spend $62 on a six-pan palette, but the 50% price is easier to stomach. Your review does evidence that this palette is worth the price in every way, from pigmentation, to the ease of application.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

    1. I couldn’t get myself to spend the full price on Pat McGrath products. Waiting for a sale is most of the time very rewarding! The palette is definitely worth the price tag indeed.

  2. I have the Sublime Bronze Temptation Palette, so I totally agree with you that the quality of these 6-pan palettes truly does not disappoint. The shadow performance and the packaging are so on-point. Also, your swatches are always goals!

    My biggest gripe with the 6-pan palettes the way the price was jacked up. When these palettes were first released during holiday 2018, they were only $55. Then, all of a sudden, the price was raised to $65 without warning or reason. (Realistically, I think it was only done after consumers started to complain that the Holiday 2019 quads were more expensive than the 6-pans).

  3. Awww man I wish I got this palette when it was on sale because the swatches are divine. I thought the shades might be a little muddy, if that makes sense? But they definitely look amazing. I’m yet to get a Pat McGrath palette but the new Divine Rose Palette that’s coming out looks insanely gorgeous. I’m not surprised that the formula is brilliant, which you’d definitely hope for a palette that pricey!

    1. Yeah, I get it, it’s more of a cool-toned palette and these sometimes tend to look muddier. I mention this on my eyes with some palette but not with this one thankfully! The new Divine Rose palette is absolutely stunning!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog it’s so inspiring and organized! I love the eyeshadow colors and would love to try new makeup looks out! I’m a lipstick hoarder too haha!

  5. I have had my eyes on the Mothership V palette for so long but I can’t justify the price, although this is more affordable and looks amazing I still don’t feel comfortable spending 62$ for it. Maybe if it was on sale the ND one I just got I could try it but no matter the quality, no palette is worth that price to me, I feel bad even getting Huda’s and they aren’t that expensive compared to this

    1. Totally feel you. Pat McGrath palettes, especially the bigger ones, are beautiful but so expensive. I wouldn’t pay full price for them either. I try to wait for a good sale! I did this with the Huds Beauty palettes as well lol. I got their bigger palettes during the Black Friday sale and I believe I got them for 40% or 50% off which obviously is a huge difference! 🙂

  6. Woww the pigmentation on these looks amazing! They actually look much better swatched than when just in the pan!

  7. That’s a nice palette for everyday use and I think it’s a good investment but $62 for 6-pan eyeshadow palette is too much for me.