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  1. This combo really suits you ? I’m still trying to find a colour which suits me, I generally find nude lipsticks to be too brown & then they don’t look very natural… Thanks for sharing your finds xo

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ finding a perfect nude shade was a struggle for me too! I bought way too many brownish/orange type of nudes to find out that pinkish nudes suits me better. It’s a search with some trial and errors lol! Thanks for your comment xoxo

  2. You did a great research about the product and really loved reading it. I must say I’ve no idea about this post before and not even heard that word. While i’m writing this i am using buffer and hoot suite to monitor my social media’s. I’m thinking to try to will share my feedback after trying it.


  3. I LOVE this look on you, it looks amazing! That shade is gorgeous and definitely doesn’t look too peachy on you. I’ve heard great things about Patrick Ta products so I’d love to try the lipsticks!

  4. Love this combo! ? My favorite combo is def my MAC x Aladdin Friend Like Me lipstick with a deeper nude or brown-toned liner!