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  1. I have been thinking to get this palette for a really long time….I really like the super glittery shades…I like how you did the swatches too

  2. I really really love this palette, the design and layout of the shades is just so smart and simplified and as you said, I think beginners to makeup will really benefit from that! The shades are so beautiful, and the looks you created are gorgeous! I would love to get my hands on this palette, especially because I love Tati!

  3. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this eyeshadow palette. I love how there are different colour stories in the eyeshadow palette as I think it makes creating eyeshadow looks really simple but also fun. I also love the different shadow textures within the palette, what cool idea to make it all so uniform. Man it’s such a pretty palette but I just know I don’t need it. Maybe if I hit pan on some of my other palettes I can get it lol

    1. It truly is a uniform palette and very easy to use! However, I understand you don’t need it for now. You probably have something similar in your collection already and we should try to contain ourselves lmao!

  4. Okay, so, I follow you on Instagram but have been yet to check out your blog and girl am I lowkey obsessed!

    You’ve got me to add some bits to my shopping list already and I cannot wait to use the lockdown time for some more reading. Just gonna blame you when my boyfriend realises that my makeup drawers are full but our electricity bill isn’t paid. No just kidding (maybe)!

    Anyway just wanted to let you know, keep it going girl!

  5. je n’arrive plus a retrouver cette palette, comment peu ton se la procurer ?
    lesite tati beauty étant fermé