4 New & Popular Elf Putty Blushes Review + Try-On

Elf Putty Blush

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I have to be honest, It’s been a while since I bought products from the drugstore. Why? Because I have been more tempted to purchase high-end and luxury products lately. However, drugstore brands are conquering the market lately and have been getting not only mine but the whole world’s attention now. Especially e.l.f Cosmetics is coming out recently with products that are going viral. One of those products is the elf Putty Blushes. These sparked my interest after I saw they were hyped in the beauty community and I personally thought they could be a dupe for the NARS cream blushes. There wasn’t an option, I had to put them to the test!

E.l.f. came out with a primer called the Putty Primer a while ago and lots of people said it was a dupe for the Tatcha Silk Primer. This was the first elf product that got lots of attention and so many people love that primer. I got it laying around too but haven’t tested it… oops. Do you still want to see a review? Since so many people loved that primer, I think their bet was to add blushes to their collection and named them after the Putty Primer in hopes they would do well too: the elf Putty Blushes were born.

I have to admit that I know about elf since like… high school so that must be for like 8/9 years or so. However, this is the first year I actually bought a couple of their products because people were so excited about them and loving them. I love seeing drugstore/budget brands doing so well though! They’re literally proving to us that beauty doesn’t have to be expensive to be high-quality. Or at least, that’s what I hoped when I purchased these blushes. We’re going to find out together if this statement is correct!

Elf Putty Blushes

The elf Putty Blushes are available in 8 different shades, I purchased 4 of them to get a good overview of the overall quality. And because I have a cream blush addiction… but that’s a whole other discussion lol. The 4 shades I got are:

The blushes retail for $6 each and contain 0.35 oz./10 g which is a pretty decent amount of product for the price. Moreover, all elf products are cruelty-free and vegan. On top of that are all e.l.f. products free from phthalates, parabens, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, and hydroquinone.

The Putty Blushes are supposed to be (source: elf Cosmetics website):

  • Highly pigmented, creamy formula melts into skin for a natural glow
  • Lightweight, buildable formula
  • Transforms from cream to a semi-matte powder finish
  • Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E for a boost of hydration
  • Perfect for on the go


All the blush colors look super bright and vibrant in the pan, which kind of scared me in the first place. The swatches on the elf website looked more sheer so that felt off. However, once I tried to swatch them and actually apply them to my cheeks I saw that they’re indeed more on the sheer side. Based on that, I wouldn’t say they’re ‘highly pigmented’ as elf is claiming on their website. The blushes are definitely buildable though.

I personally like a cream blush formula the most when they’re buildable because I don’t want to start off with too much pigment. I like to build it up to the color payoff I want – if you’re like me, you’ll like these blushes. However, I’m not used to dipping in like 3 times to get the payoff I want so they could’ve been a bit more pigmented for me personally. It’s not a big deal though because as I already said, these blushes are buildable.

The formula does feel lightweight, I barely feel like I have something on my face. Especially when I’m wearing these blushes with a bit of concealer and overall not much makeup. I like the vibe! My skin looks natural, almost like I’ve been in the sun for a bit. I wouldn’t say it made my skin natural glowy but at least it didn’t mattify. It just looks natural. In a good way.

Since they’re pretty small, I agree with them being perfect for on the go and travel-friendly. You can easily throw one in your bag and re-apply with your fingers later on. I wouldn’t say it’s really necessary to re-apply but on the other hand, the shade Turks And Caicos could use a little touch-up after a couple of hours. Probably because it’s one of the lighter shades and the color is closer to my skin tone/color so I noticed it being less visible after a couple of hours. The brighter colors (for my light skin) were longer visible.

I do think these are long-wearing though but after a couple of hours, they fade a slight bit. Maybe melt into your skin is the best way to describe it. Nothing too bad and a touch-up wouldn’t be REALLY necessary but it definitely is an option.

Overall, I’m pretty excited for these elf Putty Blushes and I’m happy I’ve tried them. The colors are very beautiful, very natural looking, and stay on for a long time. I like that they start off pretty sheer but are easy to build without moving your foundation beneath it. They also look stunning on a bare/no foundation face. I know I’m going to wear these blushes A LOT during the summertime.


Have you heard of these elf Putty Blushes? Did you try them? If so, did you like them? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s chat!

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  1. Loved this review and your try on photos are so beautiful! I would love to try the peachy toned blush, Turks and cacos!

  2. I feel very similar to you about the blushes. I’m happy with sheerer cream blush formulae but these ones do take a bit of extra work. However, for the price point, you really can’t complain! I also think the shades are absolutely stunning. I’ve got Turks and Caicos and it’s gorgeous

    1. Absolutely! It’s nice to have variety in my collection too, so if I don’t want too much blush I can pick these and look natural which is nice. 🙂

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