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Published by Simone de Vlaming on June 30, 2022

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I’m going to admit, I wasn’t the best with wearing sunscreen, but I made it my mission to really up my sunscreen game and make sure to always wear one – with and without makeup on. However, if I’m wearing makeup, I obviously need the best sunscreen under makeup I can find. And I’m pretty sure you’re looking for the best one out there too!

Thankfully I came across the Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen, and I wanted to share why I believe this sunscreen is in the race for the best sunscreen under makeup award.

9.9Expert Score
Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen
This lightweight, non-greasy face sunscreen leaves no white cast once it is rubbed into the skin properly and performs like a hydrating primer, which is why I think this is one of the few best sunscreens under makeup.
Ease of Use
  • Leaves no white cast
  • It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky
  • Doesn’t pill with or without makeup
  • It makes a great, hydrating base/primer for makeup
  • It looks white before rubbing it into the skin properly
  • On the expensive side

As I told you in my Bali Body SPF 50 Range review, as well as probably every post I’ve ever written about sunscreen, I’m a very picky person. I hate sticky, greasy sunscreen especially when it has to sit on my face. Oh and don’t get me started on the white cast, I try to stay away from that as much as possible.

As I already shared in my review, I really liked the Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen SPF 50, but I hadn’t zoomed in on this face sunscreen under makeup specifically. As I assume that most of you reading my blog are wearing makeup, I think it’s essential to go a little deeper on the face sunscreen and how it wears under makeup.

Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen

To freshen up your mind, or if you haven’t read my review on the full Bali Body SPF 50 Range, here’s a brief description of the Face Sunscreen:

The Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen SPF 50 is a fluid formula that protects the skin against UVA and UVB damage while hydrating and nourishing your complexion (it’s enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerin!). It’s supposed to be quickly absorbing, lightweight, and non-greasy. It has a matte finish and is suitable for everyday use, even under makeup. The Face Sunscreen is fragrance-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and suitable for all skin types. It retails for $28.95 and is available at the Bali Body website.

How to apply: Shake well before use. Apply a generous amount of product evenly and directly to dry skin 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. It is recommended to reapply every 2 hours, especially when swimming or sweating.

For the people that are looking for coral reef-safe sunscreens as well as less harmful sunscreens for their own health, I looked at the ingredients list of this sunscreen, and it doesn’t include the two most harmful ingredients, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. However, it does include Homosalate – 15.00% w/w, Octocrylene – 10.00% w/w, and Octisalate, which are discussed ingredients right now.

There isn’t enough research done to really prove these ingredients can be harmful to coral reefs and/or humans, so they’re in this grey area where some say it’s harmful and others don’t. Whether you want these ingredients in your sunscreen or not is up to you!

Best Sunscreen Under Makeup: 5 Reasons To Try Bali Body Face Sunscreen

1. Protects The Skin – No White Cast Or Greasiness

One of the reasons I would go out in the sun unprotected is because I had bad experiences with white cast and greasiness. I just hated how it looked and, mostly, how it felt too. It would even look horrific under makeup too, which isn’t really a surprise. However, I don’t have any of these problems wearing the Bali Body Face Sunscreen. The liquid is white, so when you apply it to the face, it’ll be white, obviously, BUT it absorbs very quickly, and within a couple of seconds, you barely notice you just put on an SPF 50 sunscreen. Leaves no white cast, no greasiness, just a blank canvas for your makeup.

2. It Doesn’t Pill

Pilling can happen when products applied haven’t fully absorbed into the skin and/or when they come into contact with other formulations. It’s probably one of the most frustrating things about sunscreen because it can ruin your whole makeup look. Thankfully this Bali Body Face Sunscreen doesn’t pill at all. I had no problems whatsoever when applying it on top of my skincare and under my makeup. I used this under my makeup most of the time, and it didn’t influence how my makeup looked or its longevity.

3. It Functions As A Hydrating Primer

I love a good primer as it truly helps to give you a blank canvas for your makeup application and also helps by making it stay on flawlessly all day. Since I have dry skin, I tend to go for a more hydrating primer (I also love this because it gives some sort of a glow). Now that I’m using this Bali Body Face Sunscreen, I can skip a primer, as I noticed myself not even reaching for one. As the formula is hydrating, it’s just nice to apply this to the face, and on top of that, it gives me the grip I usually look for in a primer. I haven’t experienced this with sunscreen before.

4. Doesn’t Mess With Makeup Application

Besides pilling, sunscreens often make your makeup look like it lays on top and ruins the whole look. I’ve also experienced that my makeup application was way harder like I had to blend way more or my foundation moved around, leaving weird patches. I hate this the most, and I would skip sunscreen to avoid this. If you’re like me, just don’t give up yet because there are sunscreens out there that don’t mess with your makeup application or the look of your makeup! This Bali Body sunscreen is one of them.

5. Doesn’t Mess With Longevity

If sunscreen is a bit greasy or oily, it can mess with the longevity of the products on top. It’ll make the products move, look oily, and even fade during the day. This is obviously not what we’re looking for! Again, the Bali Body sunscreen doesn’t mess with longevity. What I already said, it’s kinda the opposite because it functions as a primer for makeup. You don’t need to worry about running, fading, ugly-looking makeup when wearing this sunscreen!

Have you tried the Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen already? If not, and you want to try the product you can shop the sunscreen at the Bali Body website and get FREE shipping! What do you think is the best sunscreen under makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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