Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection | Review

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A couple weeks ago Kylie Cosmetics revealed and launched their Summer 2019 Collection. This years theme is ‘Under The Sea’ which I think is cute. I didn’t pick up the full collection but I got some items to show you. In today’s blog post I’m reviewing the Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection.

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection | Review

The whole Under The Sea Summer 2019 Collection contains: 

  • Under the Sea Palette $42
  • Boss Bay Lip Blush $16
  • Bikini Bod Lip Blush $16
  • You are the Sun High Gloss $16
  • Endless Summer Metallic Lipstick $16
  • Paradise Please Matte Lipstick $17
  • Beach Bum Matte Lipstick $17
  • Ocean Child Shimmer Eye Glaze $20
  • Aqua Mama Shimmer Eye Glaze $20
  • Night Swim Shimmer Eye Glaze $20
  • Deep Sea Dreams Shimmer Eye Glaze $20

The whole bundle retails for $185, Eye Glaze bundle retails for $65, Eyeshadow palette + Eye Glazes bundle retails for $100, Lipstick trio bundle retails for $45 and the Lipblushes + High Gloss bundle retails for $40.

I decided to buy the Under the Sea Eyeshadow Palette, Bikini Bod Lip Blush, You are the Sun High Gloss, Night Swim Shimmer Eye Glaze, and Ocean Child Shimmer Eye Glaze. 

Under The Sea Eyeshadow Palette

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Under The Sea Eyeshadow Palette | Review
Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Under The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Swatches | Review

I really like the variety of formulas in this palette. For the first time ever, Kylie did two glitter shades in this palette Seashell Kisses (Metallic bronze glitter) and Can I Kelp You? (mint glitter with a peach shimmer). Then we have some metallics and some matte shades. The shade names are at the front of the palette, which is something a lot of people prefer. 

I personally really like the shades in this collection, but I’m missing a darker shade to deepen up the crease. I had to use another palette to create some depth. I can imagine people being a bit disappointed in this palette since there are only 2 pops of color with the purple and the green shade. It would’ve been cool if Kylie did some brighter colors to really show that Under The Sea vibe (like I’m missing a dark blue, light blue, a darker green, a super bright coral, all type of shades which remind me of the ocean). 

Even though the shade range does disappoint me a bit, I do think the pigmentation of all the shades is very good. None of them was patchy or hard to apply. I don’t think this palette is extremely powdery, except one shade: My Treasure (matte taupe brown). This one had a lot of kickback in the pan. I did not experience a lot of fallout on the face though. Quality-wise is this palette a very good one. 

Lip Blush in Bikini Bod

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Lip Blush Bikini Bod | Review

High Gloss in You are the Sun

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - High Gloss You are the Sun | Review
Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Lip Blush Bikini Bod and High Gloss You are the Sun Swatches | Review

As you might know, Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses are my favorite glosses ever. If you would like to hear my thoughts on them, please check out my reviews: Part One and Part Two.

The Lip Blush formula is a new Kylie Cosmetics formula. It’s supposed to be sheer and it’s very lightweight. When applying the Lip Blush, it feels very creamy and just like applying a normal lipstick. It then dries down matte, soft and gives the lips a touch of color. It’s not drying at all and stays on for like at least 4 hours. I’m pleasantly surprised by this new formula. 

Ocean Child & Night Swim Shimmer Eye Glazes

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Eye Glaze Night Swim and Ocean Child | Review
Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Eye Glaze Night Swim and Ocean Child Swatches | Review
Night swim is a metallic champagne bronze with silver pearl & Ocean child is a metallic bright gold with silver pearl
Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection - Eye Glaze Night Swim and Ocean Child Swatches | Review
Night swim is a metallic champagne bronze with silver pearl & Ocean child is a metallic bright gold with silver pearl

These Eye Glazes instantly became new favorites of mine. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more stunning than these two. It’s so easy to apply since they’re creamy and they’re full of sparkle and glitter. I actually really really really like them! Super pigmented, super sparkly, super vivid. I love applying them over my lid! If you love glitters, I would really recommend trying these. 

Overall Thoughts

The Eyeshadow palette is slighly dissapointing but the Lip Blush, High Gloss and the Eye Glazes made me very happy. I love this collection and I’ll be using the items a lot. The Eye Glazes became my new favorites! 

Kylie Cosmetics Summer 2019 Collection Makeup Look | Review

It was definitely not easy to get the Eye Glazes to show up in my selfie, while they’re extremely pretty and visible in real life. I’m wearing the Under the Sea Eyeshadow palette with Night Swim Eye Glaze on top. I’m also wearing Bikini Bod Lip Blush on the lips. 

What do you think of this collection? 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 8.10.19
    allthingsalexx said:

    I love the way you review makeup products and collections, you’re so thorough and informative which is helpful for all reading. I haven’t ever bought from Kylie due to living in the UK and not being too interested in her collections but you’ve really made this collection look and sound amazing! Good job you!
    Alex xx

  2. 8.11.19

    Those colors are so pretty ?

  3. 8.11.19

    I agree that the palette seems to lack depth, but the shades remind me so much of a sandy beach! Also, agree about the lip blush formula feeling so lightweight.

    The eye glasses are beautiful but they remind me of a slightly drier, more flakey version of a Super Shock Shadow!

    • 8.11.19

      The Eye Glazes surprised me though, I thought they’d be dry but they’re creamy! The formula is indeed kinda like the Super Shock Shadows.

  4. 8.12.19
    Boss Babe Chronicles said:

    Those Eye Glazes are giving me LIFE! So pretty! The palette looks a little underwhelming to me but everything else is gorgeous!


  5. 8.12.19
    Gabrielle said:

    Thanks for the review on these products. I haven’t gotten Kylie in a while I may have to check out some of these new items!

    • 8.12.19

      The Summer Collection is great, but also her (just launched) Birthday Collection is looking amazing! 🙂

  6. 8.15.19
    sarahsarsby said:

    OMG I NEED those eye glazes they are everything. Your makeup collection is stunning, I’m so jel lol. I love your pics too, they’re always really beautiful! x

    • 8.15.19

      Thank you so much lovely! Your makeup collection is amazing too so no need to be jel! 🙂 and yes you need the eye glazes!! They’re amazing!

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