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  1. I love the way you review makeup products and collections, you’re so thorough and informative which is helpful for all reading. I haven’t ever bought from Kylie due to living in the UK and not being too interested in her collections but you’ve really made this collection look and sound amazing! Good job you!
    Alex xx

  2. I agree that the palette seems to lack depth, but the shades remind me so much of a sandy beach! Also, agree about the lip blush formula feeling so lightweight.

    The eye glasses are beautiful but they remind me of a slightly drier, more flakey version of a Super Shock Shadow!

  3. Those Eye Glazes are giving me LIFE! So pretty! The palette looks a little underwhelming to me but everything else is gorgeous!


  4. Thanks for the review on these products. I haven’t gotten Kylie in a while I may have to check out some of these new items!

  5. OMG I NEED those eye glazes they are everything. Your makeup collection is stunning, I’m so jel lol. I love your pics too, they’re always really beautiful! x