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The thought behind this Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Collection is “a fresh, modern take on sculpting,” and “ease of use” was very important to Mario while creating this collection.

The collection contains cream blushes, cream bronzers, powder bronzers, powder blushes, and powder highlighters.

The cream products come in stick packaging with the product on one side and the brush on the other. It sounded and looked interesting, so I picked up a couple of items (let’s say.. quite a lot) and tried them for you.

I was slightly disappointed when I tried the first Makeup By Mario product launch. Because of this, I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t love these products and decided to wait for some reviews to roll in. Since a couple of people I trust were positive, I knew I had to grab some products, too, and here we are.

I tested quite a few products from the SoftSculpt Collection: is it a huge hit or a massive miss?

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Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Collection

The Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Collection has five different types of products, and in those categories, they offer a couple of different shades as well. Let’s start with going over the products:

The Shaping Stick, Bronzers, and Blush Stick are available in 6 different shades. The Powder Blush and Highlighter are available in 5 different shades.

  • SoftSculpt Shaping Stick is available in the shades: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Dark Deep.
  • SoftSculptBronzer is available in the shades: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Dark Deep.
  • Soft Pop Blush Stick is available in the shades: Pale Petal (Soft pink), Dusty Rose (Neutral rosy mauve), Earthy Pink (Blushing rose), Soft Coral (Peachy pop), Raspberry (Bright pink), and Plumberry (Deep rich plum).
  • Soft Pop Powder Blush is available in the shades: Desert Rose (Earthy rose pink), Mellow Mauve (Delicate pink), Creamy Peach (Soft muted peach), Poppy Pink (Vibrant Pink), and Wildberry (Deep Berry).
  • SoftGlow Highlighter is available in the shades: Opal, Pearl, Golden, Honey, and Bronze.

The products I got from the SoftSculpt Collection are The Shaping Stick in Light, The Bronzer in Light, The Blush Stick in Dusty Rose and Earthy Pink, The Powder Blush in Desert Rose and Mellow Mauve, and The SoftGlow Highlighter in Pearl.

Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Shaping Stick & Powder Bronzer

The SoftSculpt Shaping Stick is a dual-ended shaping stick that combines Mario’s signature contour technique into one product, creating an effortless, softly sculpted look. The shades complement complexions regardless of the undertone and are never orange or muddy.

The SoftSculpt Powder Bronzer features six flattering neutral shades for all undertones that are never orange or muddy. The no-fallout formula also delivers a clean, natural, second-skin finish.

Makeup By Mario Cream Bronzer in Light

Softsculpt Collection
Makeup By Mario Cream Bronzer in Light

When I first saw the Makeup By Mario Cream Bronzer, often referred to as the Makeup By Mario Contour Stick, I thought it would be way too orange on me. The Powder Bronzer looked more neutral-toned in the pan and swatched than the Cream Bronzer. I always lean towards a more neutral-toned bronzer normally because I have a neutral undertone, and I don’t like my bronzer to look too warm.

However, when you blend the Cream Bronzer, it’ll look way more soft and natural than in the pan or swatched, so this was a nice surprise. To continue on this, the cream products are creamy and super easy to blend and melt into your skin, so they look very natural.

I think that one swipe or three dots of product is enough with this cream bronzer to start with, and if you need more, it’s easy to build the pigment up.

The Cream Bronzer has a brush on the other side, but I’m not a huge fan of it. It works but takes a bit more work than the brush I normally use for cream bronzer (ABH A30 brush). If you go over the cream bronzer with the brush too much, it’ll look a bit more patchy, so be careful. Or use your favorite brush to avoid any problems!

Makeup By Mario Bronzer In Light (Pressed Powder)

Softsculpt Collection
Makeup By Mario Bronzer In Light (Pressed Powder)

The Makeup By Mario Bronzer is very subtle, natural, and soft-looking. I like this because it looks like I’m just sunkissed instead of wearing makeup, you know? If you prefer a more visible bronzer, you might want to go a shade deeper than you normally would or skip the Powder Bronzer altogether. The formula feels very soft, isn’t too powdery, and is blendable. It’s slightly buildable, but you won’t get much more color payoff.

Moreover, the Cream Bronzer and the Powder Bronzer work very well together. You can easily set the Cream Bronzer with the Powder Bronzer for longevity, and your makeup will stay in place all day. It’s not moving my foundation beneath, or it looks powdery or patchy. Just a soft, very pretty, sunkissed touch.

Makeup By Mario Bronzer Swatches

Makeup By Mario Soft Pop Blush Sticks & Powder Blushes

The Soft Pop Blush Sticks are easy-to-use cream blushes that are Mario’s favorite way to add a healthy flush of color to the cheeks and leave skin naturally radiant. The emollient-infused formula feels comfortable all day and offers a fresh, dewy finish with no oily sensation.

The Soft Pop Powder Blushes have a luxe, silky formula that glides on, layers well over cream, and blends effortlessly. It is infused with micronized clay to restore radiance and a patented polymer for long-lasting color and comfort. 

Makeup By Mario Blush Sticks

So Earthy Pink arrived with a huge, weird dip in the middle, and Dusty Rose came with a crack, but it doesn’t really matter because they perform perfectly fine. It might be because of the shipping, going into a plane, being in the cold air, and then returning to normal and warmer temperatures.

Earthy Pink is a somewhat brighter pink, whereas Dusty Rose is a soft, neutral pink. I like both colors! Dusty Rose is perfect for everyday, subtle wear, and Earthy Pink gives me that “sunburn look” but still looks natural. Both are super creamy, blend like a dream, are buildable but easy to correct if you accidentally put on too much, and leave the skin with a soft but dewy finish.

I went in pretty enthusiastically and looked like a freaking clown. So, in my opinion, these are pretty pigmented! I did blend them with a brush (first the dual-ended brush, but once I figured I was not too fond of the brush, I started using my own), so this could be why they ended up being more pigmented than applying them with a sponge, for example.

They blend easily and end up being more subtle than when you first applied them, but they were definitely visible. I even had to go in with some foundation to make them look less bright on the day I went ham. They are easy to correct with no extra product and just a wet sponge.

Mind you, The swatches below look very bright and pigmented, but that’s how they look when they aren’t blended yet, so don’t be scared; I don’t blend them so you can see the color better.

Makeup By Mario Blush Stick Swatches

Makeup By Mario Blush (Pressed Powder)

For reference, the Powder Blush packaging is smaller than the Bronzer and Highlighter packaging. The colors I picked up are, again, a more neutral-toned color and a pinkish shade. Do I have a blush type? I think so, lol. Both look very natural in the pan, as well as swatched & on the face.

I feel like they’re slightly powdery than the Powder Bronzer, but their texture feels a bit more buttery/softer. Most of the time, it’s how softer the texture feels, the powdery a product is. It’s not a bad thing at all and easy to solve by just tapping your brush off or applying a bit to your hand first before touching your face.

Just like the Cream & Powder Bronzers are an excellent match, the Powder & Cream Blushes are also great. A little bit of blush sets the cream blush perfectly fine for all-day wear. It’s also a way to intensive the blush a little bit more, but nothing too much, though, because these blushes are very subtle, just like the powder bronzer.

It’s a gorgeous blush on its own and on top of the Cream Blush. I didn’t notice patchiness or any other problems. They also work well together with the Cream & Powder Bronzer.

I don’t have anything bad to say about these Powder Blushes. The only con can be the little bit of powdery texture, but I don’t mind that. They work really well!

Makeup By Mario Blush Swatches

Makeup By Mario Highlighter in Pearl

The Makeup By Mario Soft Glow Highlighter in Pearl is subtle but buildable to a more blinding highlighter. It’s not glittery or powdery and gives the face a gorgeous glow. The highlighter doesn’t accentuate any texture, is lightweight, and is easy to apply and blend.

I think Opal would be a blinding highlight for my skin tone (I’m more of a light skin tone, pale in winter), and Pearl (the shade I got) is just more of a natural-looking highlighter. I’m wondering if I could pull off the shade Golden because I love a good golden highlighter, and it looks stunning!

It might be a bit shorter of a review on the highlighter, but I have nothing bad to say about this. It’s great!

Softsculpt Collection


Smile softly to find the high point of your cheekbone, then apply the shaping stick along the cheekbone. Don’t go too close to your smile line. To keep the application lifted, tap and blend upwards and outward.

To sculpt or warm up the forehead and jawline, put a little product in the temple area along the jawline and blend.

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