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  1. I’m over here going googly-eyed over the packaging of these fragrances! I have never tried these, outside of Si because I had a sample of that. I would add Yves Saint Laurent Libre to this list as something to try!

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  2. My all time favourite parfume was Givenchy Organza Indecense . It was dis continued . I have spent many years trying to match this scent could you possibly recommend something close ? I don’t like floral I like warm Spicey , woody , cinnamon , creamy and white musk. Thank you so much

    1. It’s the worst when your favorite perfume gets discontinued! I think that you may like Black Orchid by Tom Ford, Dolce Vita by Dior, and/or Feminité du Bois by Serge Lutens. All three are warm, woody perfumes with base notes like white musk, vanilla, and cinnamon and contain quite a few similar notes to Givenchy Organza Indecense too. I really hope this helps!

    2. Oh, I know about that particular burden! I don’t know why they keep discontinuing or reformulating yummy fragrances! It’s actually the way I got into Middle Eastern perfumes houses. They have their own lines as well as semi-dupes (they use the base of a popular/discontinued fragrance and give it an oriental twist. With your taste just should be right up your alley;). I first tried one of those dupes and now I have quite the collection. Great thing: plenty Arab houses have very affordable lines that still offer quality. Which is why I’m recommending
      1. Lattafa – Raghba to you. Raghba is almost exactly what you mentioned there (except for creamy): it’s a spicy-woody-vanilla with a lot of warmth. NB. Know that Middle Eastern fragrances often need some time to chill once they’ve reached your house. I’m not sure if it is the climate difference + traveling from production site to seller to buyer, but 99,99% off my fragrances needed maceration time once in my possession and then became what they should be. I didn’t have this issue with Raghba, but that was before it was made popular, so some batches have been sent out too quickly (the juice is supposed to be very dark, like a reddish brown). Oh Raghba pairs wonderfully with all types of (lineair) gourmand perfumes in case you like mixing ;).
      2. Maybe you’ll also like Ameer Al Oud Intense Oud (also Lattafa). Another vanillic, very woody fragrance that’s more smoky than spicy. On the right skin it also has a creamy warm touch.
      3. MFK – Grand Soir could be right up your alley. It’s an amber-vanilla. Since MFK is super expensive, you might like to try Maison Fragrance World – Barakkat Ambre Eve. This is one of those semi-dupes. It comes super close, but has a bit of wood & spice added to it. It is very strong. And that’s coming from someone who’s skin rarely gets 3hrs out of a perfume, never more & always intimate projection (with 30-40+ sprays). I needed to cut down on my sprays and 12hrs later I could still smell it. The first 3 to 4hrs it was definitely strong SPL. And that was without any maceration.
      4. Oh, it is said that Eternal Oud from the Lattafa Pride collection is also quite similar, but much more woody-spicy. Lattafa Pride Eternal Oud is the most expensive (69,- in my country).

      If you can get samples first that’s always a great idea (f.e. on Etsy there’s an Israeli store with very affordable 100mls and 2ml samples). I have about 45 samples in my home now, lol. But it taught me so much about notes, pyramids, brands etc. And I still use 25 of them (it led to only 7 full bottles, though I still have 8 samples to try in the gourmand family and some woody ones). If you can’t get a sample and/or don’t mind a blind buy, you’ll at least know you haven’t spent a fortune first on the majority of these.

      Raghba can be found very cheaply on Notino and Amazon on a regular basis, and of course on webshops that sell Arab perfumes & oils. Max price = €25 for a 100ml bottle, and it is often discounted in a Deodorant + 100ml set. (Raghba has a “Wood Intense” version, but it leans extremely masculine, so best to stick to the original.)
      I’ve seen Ameer on Amazon too, but best to Google a bit for a good price (around €30), same goes for Fragrance World Ambre Eve (€40).
      ^^ giving you Dutch prices – and my country isn’t exactly cheap (with everything). I’ve often seen them cheaper in the US.

      Last, but not least: I know you don’t like floral, but have you ever tried Youth Dew by Lancome? Most people I know that love Givenchy Organza Indecence have that one too.

      Good luck, I hope you find some great new additions to your fragrance wardrobe.