Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau, Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette

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One of the newest additions to the ABH family is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette. The palette is different from its other family members, such as Soft Glam and Norvina, as the packaging has changed.

The pans are now bigger, the palette itself is thinner, and there isn’t a brush included like it used to be. Does a new design also include a new formula? Or is it the same quality we’re used to? Let me share my thoughts!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette Swatches

The Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes are well-known in the beauty community. I’m pretty confident when I say that everyone has at least owned or still owns one of the palettes.

We’ve been through quite a bit with ABH; think about the amazing Mario Collab Palette, the huge powdery mess with Subculture, and now Norvina slowly taking over the brand from her mother, but ABH is still a well-loved brand.

Now that the packaging of the palettes changed, my first question was; Did they change the formulas as well? Even though I love the color scheme of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette, she was also an experiment to me. How would she compare to older palettes?

Well, I think that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette is even better than the usual palettes! It is still quite powdery, has kickback in the pan and if you don’t tap off your brush you will notice some fallout on the face, but the pigmentation is even better. It has never been bad in the first place but I feel like the shadows are even more pigmented and buttery than their usual shadows.

The metallics were also popping after just one swipe, which I really liked and surprised me as well. Normally the metallics are pigmented but I have to build them up to get the amount of shine in want. These are stunningly shiny right away. Seriously love it!

The Khaki matte and metallics shades, Hope and Liberty, are my favorite out of all the shades. I really love the looks I made with them. However, I do like all the other shades too. There isn’t one bad shade in this palette!

I know I won’t wear Wisteria, the bright lilac, that much but I do like the fun touch it gives the palette. At first it felt really off when I saw the palette but now, I can actually appreciate it.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette reinvented mattes and multidimensional metallics leave everything up to imagination with amped-up neutrals, perfect pops of color, and a fresh story that feels ethereal. These versatile shades and creamy formulas deliver endless day-to-night looks. Buildable color can go natural or glam, suitable for every skill level.


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  • Kylie Cosmetics Kris Jenner Collection Round 2: even though the Kris Jenner Palette is limited edition, it’s currently still available and has some gorgeous similar tones to the Nouveau Palette. If you’re looking for warmer oranges, you may want to check it out!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau, Anastasia Beverly Hills Nouveau Palette

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