Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020

December 30, 2020

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I can’t remember the last time we had a white Christmas here but I do know that KKW Beauty gave me the feeling of a white Christmas with their Crystallized Collection. It’s this year’s KKW Beauty Holiday Collection and I bought a couple of products (basically the full collection minus 2 products lol) to test out. Curious to read my thoughts? Then keep on reading!

KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection

Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020 ⋆ Beautymone

The complete Crystallized Collection contained the following products:

  • Crystallized Eyeshadow Palette – $45
  • 5 Pc Mini Gloss Set – $42
  • 8Pc Mini Lip Liner Set – $38
  • Blush Duo in Classic Pink – $26
  • Blush Duo in Classic Peach – $26
  • Blush Duo in Classic Bronze – $26

The collection is available in a bundle for $190, in the original PR box for $295 and you can get the products separately. As KKW Beauty normally doesn’t have a lot of limited edition collections, I don’t think this is a limited edition either. Only the PR box is limited edition.

Classic Pink Blush

Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020

I really like the idea of having a matte shade and a shimmering shade because this way you actually get 3 blush shades. You can wear them alone or mix them together, which I really like about this blush.

The formula is soft, not powdery, and not too pigmented. I don’t want my blushes to be too pigmented because they’ll make me look like a clown lol. Moreover, the shimmery shade isn’t too shimmery either so it’s not like you put a highlighter all over your face.

I really like this blush! The formula is very good and I like how this gives me an ‘I have been outside the whole day’ natural, pinkish cheeks. Perfect for the winter! Suits the Crystallized Collection theme very well too!

5 Piece Mini Gloss Set

Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020

I basically love all the shades in this mini lipgloss set, except for Classic Kim. This is way too peachy/orangy for my likings. Only Nude 2.5 is an already existing shade in the collection, the other 4 are new shades.

The KKW Beauty gloss formula is a little thicker and slightly more (a tiny tiny bit) sticky than, for example, the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses or Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs. However, I still like how these feel on the lips. The glosses feel hydrating, look super shiny, and apply smoothly.

Moreover, the glosses contain antioxidants and fatty acids to help hydrate, smooth, and soften dry lips which I think is a great extra for a lipgloss!

8 Piece Mini Lip Liner Set

Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020

I can’t draw straight lines so sorry these swatches don’t look that good. However, it’s about showing off the color so I hope it still gives you a good indication!

The KKW Beauty lip liners are one of my favorite, creamy lip liner formulas out there. It might even be my number one favorite formula, to be honest. Knowing this, the lip liner 8 piece set did not disappoint.

The lip liners are super creamy which makes them so easy to apply, they literally glide on the lips and have a one-swipe pigmentation. Even though their creaminess, I don’t feel like they wear off quickly. I combined one of the glosses with one of the lip liners and even though the gloss wore off in 2-3 hours, I still saw a soft line around my lips from the lip liner. I definitely recommend getting the KKW Beauty lip liners! This mini set in the Crystallized Collection makes it perfect to actually try the formula.

Crystallized Eyeshadow Palette

Snowy KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection For The Holidays 2020

It’s not a secret that I love the KKW Beauty eyeshadow palettes. I think they’re way more consistent than Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. If you’re not sure which brand to try, go for KKW Beauty!

When I saw the color story of this palette, I fell in love. Online when it first got revealed and then again when I opened it for the first time. I absolutely love the colors in this palette!

Moreover, this palette is high-quality too! It’s pigmented, not powdery or patchy. It’s easy to apply, easy to blend and buildable too. I didn’t have kickback in the pan or fallout on the face at all. I just love this palette!

What are your thoughts on the KKW Beauty Crystallized Collection? Did you buy anything or do you want to buy anything? Let me know in the comments!

Comments (3)

  • Olivia

    December 30, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    Okay, so this might be funny but I have this weird feeling towards KKW Beauty – I don’t necessary feel like I need their products (mainly the customs are putting me off) but if it was available in the UK or Europe, I think I’d grab at least some. This collection is cute and her eyeshadow formulas seem so good! Thanks for the review :)xo

  • Sarah

    January 20, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    The lip glosses and lip liners look AMAZING. Recently, I’ve been loving the idea of mini makeup sets as I don’t wear makeup daily, so I think they’re a better use of my money. I really want to do a KKW Beauty haul as I’ve only tried the Crème Contour Stick so far but all of the products overall seem to be great quality!

    1. Simone

      February 7, 2021 at 1:30 pm

      Yeah exactly, mini’s are a great idea if you don’t wear makeup daily because you go through them quicker. 🙂

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