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You’re a mean one… Mr. Grinch! If you’re not familiar, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a Christmas movie that first came out in 2000 and tells the story of Cindy Lou, a Who living in Whoville. The Whos are filled with excitement about celebrating Christmas. In contrast to the cheerful Whos, the Grinch is mean-tempered. He especially hates the Christmas season and he plans to steal it from the Whos. However, little Cindy Lou decides to befriend the Grinch. After that, a lot of things happen, but I’m not going to write a summary of the whole movie. 🙂

Anyway, back to the reason why you’re here! Kylie Cosmetics actually collaborated with The Grinch for this year’s Christmas Collection. And I’m going to share a fact about me, I’m normally not really into Christmas movies but I love The Grinch! So no need to say that I was excited about this collection.

I ended picking up a couple of products from this collection and in this post, I’m going to show you exactly what I got and what I think about it.

Kylie Cosmetics x The Grinch Holiday Collection 2020

The whole Kylie Cosmetics x The Grinch Collection contained the following products:

  • Grinch Pressed Powder Palette – $40⁠⠀
  • 4 Piece Shadow Stick Set – $24⁠⠀
  • 6 Piece Lipstick Set – $60⁠⠀
  • Grinch Matte Lip Kit – $29⁠⠀
  • High Gloss Ornament – $16⁠⠀
  • Olive Liquid Liner Pen – $18⁠⠀
  • Shimmer Eye Glaze – $20⁠⠀
  • Littlest of Whos Kylighter – $20⁠⠀
  • Max the Reindeer Blush – $18⁠⠀

The Complete Holiday Collection Bundle retailed for $265⁠, Kylie’s Holiday Favorites Bundle retailed for $135⁠ and there were limited signed Grinch PR box quantities, which retailed for $375⁠.

I decided to grab the pressed powder palette, both the High Gloss Ornaments, the Kylighter, and the Blush. The reason why I didn’t buy the full collection is that it launched right before Black Friday and I already knew I was going to spend way too much money lol. Moreover, the other products in the collection were products I knew I would use too less so it would actually be a waste of money.

The collection is limited edition and is not available anymore at the time of writing this blog post.

Kylie Cosmetics x The Grinch Collection Swatches

Kylighter & Blush

The blush is a very pretty, matte pink shade. If you have a light skin tone, this might not work for you. Even though I very lightly dipped my brush into this blush, I still had way too much pigment on it. It’s extremely powdery too. It’s blendable but I really had to work with other powders to make this blush look less pigmented. The color is stunning but too pigmented and powdery for my likings.

The Kylighter is a little bit more special since it has a slightly green tone to it. I have to admit that I thought I wasn’t going to like it but the green tone is very subtle when wearing it on the face. I actually really like the brightness of this shade! However, it’s really glittery. It’s a personal preference if this is something you like or not. I personally don’t really like too much glitter in my highlighter.

Do I think these products are must-haves in your collection? Not at all. The blush is gorgeous but way too pigmented and powdery for me. The Kylighter on the other hand could definitely be a fun, new addition to your collection if you like glitters though.

High Gloss Ornaments

Kylie Cosmetics X The Grinch Holiday Collection 2020

I’m basically saying this in every post I write lol but I love the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss formula and I literally own like 95% of all the shades. Again, the formula is great! It’s non-sticky, super shiny and even feels hydrating. These shades are a nice addition to my collection since I love the shimmers in them. I think they’ll look amazing on top of a lip liner!

For this collection, they came in The Grinch ornaments which I think is so so so cute. I love that little detail!

The Grinch Palette

Kylie Cosmetics X The Grinch Holiday Collection 2020

I’m shocked, disappointed and sad. Kylie Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands but this palette… was not it. As you might know, the Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette formulas are inconsistent, it could be amazing in one collection and horrible in the other. I would definitely count this palette as one of the horrible palettes.

The Leopard Collection Eyeshadow Palette was a bit powdery but still performed well, it was pigmented and worked easily. The Sailor Collection Eyeshadow Palette, which launched before the Leopard Collection, was lacking pigment (it was buildable but you had to work for it) and just overall a bit disappointing.

This Grinch Palette was extremely powdery, I had kickback in the pan as well as fallout on the face. It lacked pigment, so I had to really build it up. It is buildable because the swatches ended up not looking that bad but I was still shocked about the performance of this palette. I could make it work on the eyes but it still lacked pigment and even looked a bit patchy.

I have no idea what happened with this palette, but it’s definitely the worst one I’ve tried from Kylie Cosmetics and I basically tried all their palettes. I don’t like to ‘bash’ the brand because it still remains one of my favorite brands but I had to be honest about the performance of this palette. It’s just a big pass and I can’t make it any better than that.

My overall thoughts about this collection are a little bit all over the place because I absolutely love the packaging but the products themselves lack a lot of the Grinch vibes in my opinion. I think this collection could’ve been a HUGE hit if the quality was better and the actual products were a bit more out of the box.

I’m happy with the products I got (except for the palette) but I’m not in love with the products as much as I have been with other collections sometimes.

What are your thoughts on the Kylie Cosmetics x The Grinch collaboration? Did you buy anything? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The palette sounds awful, I wouldn’t have bought it because I hate green on me but I’m even happier I’ve skipped it, but I’m gutted I missed the glosses, more specifically the nude… It looks stunning

  2. I was waiting for your review of this collection! I agree that Kylie’s eyeshadow formula differs from collection that’s why I don’t always buy it straight away. I think the last palette I truly loved was the Birthday collection and nothing caught my eye ever since. I wish she did more shades for Blushes that are for very pale people like myself, I definitely don’t see myself using this blush. Overall, as always great review girl! Happy New Year!! Xoxo

  3. I think she was spot on with the color scheme of everything. Collections like these are more for makeup collectors, so I totally hear where you are coming from about only buying what you might use, as well as the inconsistencies in quality.

    Xoxo Amanda |

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