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  1. The palette sounds awful, I wouldn’t have bought it because I hate green on me but I’m even happier I’ve skipped it, but I’m gutted I missed the glosses, more specifically the nude… It looks stunning

  2. I was waiting for your review of this collection! I agree that Kylie’s eyeshadow formula differs from collection that’s why I don’t always buy it straight away. I think the last palette I truly loved was the Birthday collection and nothing caught my eye ever since. I wish she did more shades for Blushes that are for very pale people like myself, I definitely don’t see myself using this blush. Overall, as always great review girl! Happy New Year!! Xoxo

  3. I think she was spot on with the color scheme of everything. Collections like these are more for makeup collectors, so I totally hear where you are coming from about only buying what you might use, as well as the inconsistencies in quality.

    Xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com