Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush Review and Swatches

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I’ve never tried Melt Cosmetics products before, but I promise you, The Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette has been on my wishlist for so long! When I finally decided to buy the palette and browsed the website, I saw a couple more products that I wanted to try too. I ended up buying a highlighter in Stargazer and blush in Nevermore as well. Today I’ll be reviewing and swatching all three Melt Cosmetics products!

Even though I knew Melt Cosmetics for a while, I never bought from them before. After a couple of raving reviews from The Newbury Girl and a good sale, I bought some products to test out. One of them had to be the Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven palette, but I couldn’t leave the website without blush and a highlighter. Both these products caught my eye and I fell in love. So I ended up with a little Melt Cosmetics haul and I’m so excited! I love trying out new brands and sharing my thoughts with you! 

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush Review and Swatches

The products I’ve bought with their original price and the price I got them for: 

  • Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, contains 10 shades and retails for $58 (I bought it for $40) 
  • Melt Cosmetics Stargazer Highlighter retails for $39 (I bought it for $28) 
  • Melt Cosmetics Nevermore Blush retails for $22 (I bought it for $15) 

I bought the palette and blush from the Melt Cosmetics website and the highlighter from Beauty Bay

Melt Cosmetics Stargazer Highlighter & Nevermore Blush

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush Review and Swatches
Top shade is Nevermore, bottom shade is Stargazer

Melt Cosmetics has a couple of matte blushes but also some with a shimmer in it. Nevermore is one with a shimmer in it. I don’t have a lot of blushes with a shimmer so that’s why I decided to choose Nevermore. I would describe this blush as a peachy-pink blush, with a golden shimmer. The blush is very smooth, not powdery at all, picks up easily on the brush as well as swatched easily on the arm, and is pigmented. You don’t need much of this blush for it to show up on your face. If you’re pale just like me, I would recommend applying the blush with a light hand. 

The blush has a beautiful shimmer to it and I absolutely love how this looks on the face! It gives such a gorgeous natural glow to the cheeks. I’m obsessed with how healthy and glowy this made me look! 

Also, I really like the highlighter as well. It’s a beautiful champagne shade, which is my favorite shade of highlighter. The formula feels a bit dry and I had to rub a bit longer to get a good amount of payoff for the first time, but after that, it ended up being very pigmented and very beautiful! 

I also combined the blush and highlighter together and this gives such a beautiful, healthy glow! I love this combination so so so much. I would totally recommend! 

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette

Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush Review and Swatches
Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette, Stargazer Highlighter, and Nevermore Blush Review and Swatches
Naked Sleep – hot apricot nude
Downtown – baked clay
Nip Slip – peach
Moxie – burnt orange
CrimeFighter – dimensional copper foil
1 More Thing – warm taupe
Thick – rosy mauve
Vegas Past – A bold bronze foiled shade with green and rose gold reflects
Whiskey Neat – barrel-aged brown
Moon Child – maroon.

I used a swatch stencil from SwatchPerfect and I’m obsessed. It makes my swatches look way better! What do you think? 

The Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette swatched like a dream. It’s pigmented, a little bit more dry but not powdery. They’re very easy to work with on the eyes, very blendable and stayed on, without creasing, all day! I’m obsessed with the formula and with the color scheme. I love all the colors in this palette so much! 

I just have nothing bad to say about the Melt Cosmetics products I’ve tried. I’m just loving all the products a lot! The palette is absolutely stunning and exactly what I love. I had no problem with fallout, kick back in the pan or pigmentation. Everything worked so well. 

All products used in this makeup look

I used all three products in this makeup look. I also did my best attempt at doing a winged liner. I’m so bad in eyeliner but I think I did a pretty good job with this one. I know it’s not perfect yet, but hey I’m practicing! If you’re wondering which eyeliner I used, it’s the Benefit Roller Liner in Brown, which I mentioned in this blog post

When the light hits that highlighter, Oh my… Look at that beautiful glow! The colors I used in this eyeshadow look are Naked Sleep, Thick and Whiskey Neat mixed and Vegas Past. 

I’m obsessed. What do you think of the Melt Cosmetics products? 

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  1. 12.29.19

    First, omg you look totally stunning!!! Second, I agree with you about the highlighters – you really have to get past that first layer of product for them to be more pigmented, but they’re worthwhile once you reach that point. Also, I’m jealous of the blush – I’ve actually never tried the Melt blush formula before!

    • 12.30.19

      Aw thank you so much girl!! I would totally recommend the Melt blush formula ?

  2. 1.1.20
    sarahsarsby said:

    I actually don’t know much about Melt Cosmetics and haven’t ever looked into the product range. This palette looks gorgeous and the colours are very me. I don’t need anymore eyeshadow palettes but hearing how much you liked this palette has made me really want it :'( also, you nailed the winged liner, it looks awesome!

    • 1.2.20

      I’m pretty new to Melt Cosmetics as well and I blame The Newbury Girl for introducing me to this brand ? I’m actually very happy she did – my bank account not so much lol! The palette is definitely wishlist-worthy but I feel you, I don’t need anymore palettes either ?

      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it, especially from you because your winged liner is always perfect ?

  3. 1.8.20
    Tarequl said:

    You did a great research about the product and really loved reading it. I must say I’ve no idea about agora pulse before and not even heard that word. While i’m writing this i am using buffer and hoot suite to monitor my social media’s. Both are good by the way I’ve to admit. I’m thinking to try agora and i will share my feedback after trying it.