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  1. First, omg you look totally stunning!!! Second, I agree with you about the highlighters – you really have to get past that first layer of product for them to be more pigmented, but they’re worthwhile once you reach that point. Also, I’m jealous of the blush – I’ve actually never tried the Melt blush formula before!

  2. I actually don’t know much about Melt Cosmetics and haven’t ever looked into the product range. This palette looks gorgeous and the colours are very me. I don’t need anymore eyeshadow palettes but hearing how much you liked this palette has made me really want it :'( also, you nailed the winged liner, it looks awesome!

    1. I’m pretty new to Melt Cosmetics as well and I blame The Newbury Girl for introducing me to this brand ? I’m actually very happy she did – my bank account not so much lol! The palette is definitely wishlist-worthy but I feel you, I don’t need anymore palettes either ?

      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it, especially from you because your winged liner is always perfect ?

  3. You did a great research about the product and really loved reading it. I must say I’ve no idea about agora pulse before and not even heard that word. While i’m writing this i am using buffer and hoot suite to monitor my social media’s. Both are good by the way I’ve to admit. I’m thinking to try agora and i will share my feedback after trying it.