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Kendall Collection ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on July 21, 2020

It hasn’t been a secret that I’m a huge Kylie Cosmetics fan as well as Keeping Up With The Kardashians lover. I just love the Kardashian/Jenner family and show my support through buying both Kim’s as Kylie’s makeup. Not only because I like the family, I already loved the Kylie Cosmetics products before I started watching KUWTK and I don’t think I was even following one single family member 4/5 years ago,  foremost because I really like their beauty brands.  

Kylie Cosmetics has been doing collaborations with the Kardashian sisters as well as mom Kris Jenner but a collaboration with sister Kendall never happened. Until now! The reason for this is probably because Kendall had a contract with Estee Lauder and supposedly this contract came to an end in 2019. This finally made it possible for Kylie and Kendall to collaborate.

I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I was more than excited to finally be able to see the Kendall Collection revealed and eventually launched. I tried to buy the PR box which was signed by both Kendall and Kylie but it eas literally sold out within a minute. However, I was able to buy the whole Kendall Collection bundle thankfully and that’s what we’re going to talk about today! 

Kendall Collection

Kylie Cosmetics Kendall Collection Bundle Review

The Kylie Cosmetics Kendall Collection is limited edition and sold out at the time I’m writing this. However, there might be a restock and/or the products will come back as permanent products (without the Kendall packaging). If you’re interested in this collection and hoping for a restock, I would recommend following the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page as it’ll be announced there first.  

The Kendall Collection includes new products as well as products we’ve seen before. The collection was available in a full bundle (which I got) or as individual products. The three face sticks were also available in a trio set for $42. The products in this collection are: 

  • Kendall Pressed Powder Palette – $42
  • Sister Sister Lip Blush Kit – $26
  • Can I Borrow That? High Gloss – $16
  • Everything Everywhere Gloss (Face) – $18
  • Spotlight Kylight Stick – $16
  • Act Natural Bronzer Stick – $16
  • Runway Blush Stick – $16
  • Translucent Blotting Powder – $24

The whole bundle retailed for $155 and is valued at $176. This means a discount of $21. The products we haven’t seen before are the Bronzer stick, Blush stick, and Highlighter stick, the Everything Everywhere Gloss and the translucent Blotting Powder. The Blush Formula is already introduced before but never as a Lip Kit (which means you get a matching lip liner as well). 

Packaging-wise, this has to be my favorite sister collaboration. No other sister collaboration included pictures of them on the outside packaging. Even the Stormi Collection didn’t include pictures of her on the packaging. Only the Kris Jenner Collection and Jordyn Woods Collection (how times have changed lol) include some sort of pictures, but they’re actually drawings. I love how they did real pictures of them together for this collaboration!  

Kylie Cosmetics products are all cruelty-free so even though it’s not explicitly said on the Kendall Collection page, I assume this is the same with this collection. Not all products are vegan and since this isn’t stated either, I don’t think these products are vegan

Kendall is a bit of a tomboy and doesn’t need much extravaganza, this is also what the actual product packaging looks like. It’s very minimalistic and clean, which I absolutely love and I think it’s representing Kendall very well.  When it comes to Kendall’s makeup, she’s most of the time wearing natural-looking shades so I love how they’ve included nude looking lipstick shades (the High Gloss looks brighter than it actually is), very natural looking face sticks as well as a neutral eyeshadow palette (with pops of color surprisingly!).

The Everything Everywhere Gloss, which you can put on your eyes/cheeks/lips, and the Blotting Powder feel like model must-haves to me so I love that they included these products to go with Kendall’s personality and work.

Kendall Collection Swatches & Review

I’ll go over every product in the collection, showing swatches and sharing my thoughts. In order to make this review as structured and clear as possible, I’m separating the products and sharing my thoughts immediately beneath the product photos instead of at the end of the blog post. It also makes it easy to skip products you’re not interested in. 

Translucent Blotting Powder

I tried my best to swatch this but… it’s translucent… obviously, it didn’t show up at all lol. That’s why I couldn’t include swatches of this product. However, let’s discuss the formula and start off with the fact that this is called a powder when it actually isn’t a powder. If you touch this, it feels very silky and soft. It feels more like a balm to me and this is how it looks like as well. Another name would be a better alternative I guess since this might confuse people. 

I’ve never tried a product like this before to mattify my face so I was super excited to actually try it out. I normally use a mattifying powder (the Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder is my favorite) so this formula is new to me. I dabbed it onto my skin and actually saw a difference immediately. It is definitely mattifying and doesn’t feel gross or oily on the skin. It actually feels very soft and silky. I don’t have really oily skin so I’m not sure how this would work with very oily skin but it works well with my natural to combination skin. 

I definitely have to play around with this product more often because I’m so new to this type of formula but so far my first impression and first times wearing it are good! 

Everything Everywhere Gloss

I’ve never had a gloss in my collection which I could use on other places than my lips. Even though I really love how the glossy lids look, I’ve never tried them myself so this was the perfect moment to give it a try. 

The gloss is sheer but full of shimmering copper, hot pink, and rose gold pearls. It tried to capture it but I promise you, it’s even more stunning in real life. I first tested the gloss on my lips, to feel the formula. I expected it to be more sticky than other Kylie Cosmetics glosses but it actually wasn’t. I also thought it would be a thicker formula than for example the High Glosses but that wasn’t the case either. 

The formula feels lightweight and non-sticky. It doesn’t have a smell to it which is nice because fragranced products can irritate the eyes. It’s a very versatile color which I think a lot of people can pull off. When wearing it on the lips, it feels pretty similar to the High Gloss formula. 

I obviously tried the gloss on the eyes as well and it pleasantly surprised me. I expected it to be super greasy and sticky lol but it actually looks good and I can barely feel it. If I look up I can feel my eyelids stick to the skin a bit but this isn’t visible for others and isn’t a horrible feeling. That’s the only thing I notice when I’m wearing this gloss on the lids, other than that I can’t feel that I’m wearing it so I actually really like the formula.

Moreover, the glitters look so stunning! I think this gloss could be a beautiful topper as well as give you a glossy, glowy natural look without any shadow beneath it. The formula didn’t irritate my eyes thankfully. 

However, I noticed that the gloss is going to move around quickly. After 10 minutes of wearing it, it transferred to my lashes and the lower lashline. I wasn’t wearing mascara but I think it would’ve ruined it and maybe even transferred the mascara everywhere too.

For this reason, I don’t think I would really wear it outside the house on my lids. I think this could be a cool extra for MUA’s who are creating artsy looks and then get it off. I would definitely wear this on the lips though!

Face Stick Trio: Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

I feel like cream products are totally trending right now! We’ve seen Colourpop coming out with cream sticks as well as Fenty Beauty coming out with cream blushes and bronzers. Kylie Cosmetics jumped on this trend too with launching a cream blush, bronzer, and highlighter stick. These three colors are the perfect match for Kendall’s skin tone and I’m aware that not everyone can pull these colors off. To solve this, Kylie Cosmetics launched 5 other bronzer sticks for a wider variety of skin tones. I’m positive more blush & highlighter sticks are coming next.

All three sticks work well with my light skin tone. The sticks are very creamy, blend like a dream, and are pigmented enough. The Colourpop blush stick has a little too much pigment for my likings. The Fenty cream blushes have the right amount of pigmentation as well as this Kylie Cosmetics one. The color is very natural looking as well and gives a healthy, even a bit glowy, look to the face. 

The bronzer stick is actually a great contour shade for me since it’s a bit more cool-toned. I actually like how it looks without bronzer but I love to warm up my face with powder bronzer on top of this bronzer stick. The bronzer stick is buildable and you can use powder bronzer on top without it moving or fading. As I already said, it’s super easy to blend it into the skin and it looks very natural. However, I think this shade is already too light for medium skin tones, only fair to light skin tones can pull this bronzer off. 

The highlighter stick is also creamy, easy to blend with a brush as well as your fingers and leaves a healthy glowing. I was a little bit scared for this one to be too light or too blinding but it actually blends into the skin so well and just leaves a lovely, subtle glow. It gets more glowy when I add more so it is definitely buildable. 

If I have to compare them to Fenty and Colourpop, I feel like the formula of the Kylie Cosmetics cream products is the creamiest of them all. If was scared it would mean that it wouldn’t be long-wearing but I had no problem with it fading or moving. I think the formula comes very close to the Fenty cream formula. If I had to make a top 3 I would say 1. Fenty Beauty, 2. Kylie Cosmetics, 3. Colourpop. 

I love these Kylie Cosmetics cream sticks so I would definitely recommend checking out the new bronzer sticks if you’re looking for a new cream product. 

Sister Sister Lip Blush Kit & Can I Borrow That? High Gloss

As you might know, Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss formula is my favorite lipgloss formula ever so I love that this collection included one. Moreover, the Blush formula is very nice too since it’s supposed to be more of a sheer lipstick but still gives a little tint to the lips. 

When it comes to the High Gloss, I have nothing to complain about. The smell is amazing, this color is beautiful and the formula is top-notch as always. The High Gloss shade looks a lot brighter in the tube than on the lips. The website describes this as a sheer berry shade so it isn’t supposed to be fully pigmented. I really love the tint it gives my lips as well as the shine and it always keeps my lips hydrated. I just love love love the High Gloss formula!

The Sister Sister Lip Blush is absolutely stunning. It’s a perfect nude color! It’s a “my lips but better” shade and I’m obsessed. This one is probably going to make my top 5 favorite nudes. The formula is also very great. It dries down matte but doesn’t feel drying. It has all the benefits of a matte lip (long-wearing, matte looking, transfer-proof) but is way softer/non-drying and lightweight. I personally love the Kylie Cosmetics Matte lipsticks but I know a lot of people who find them too drying. I’m pretty sure these people will love the Lip Blush formula! 

The Lip Liner included in the Lip Blush Set is as creamy and pigmented as always. They stay on all day, even after drinking or eating. They’re non-drying and my all-time favorite lip liners. 

I really hope that both the Lip Blush Kit as well as the High Gloss become a part of the permanent collection because I don’t want to ever go out of them and not being able to replace them.

Kendall Pressed Powder Palette

The pops of color feel slightly random but on the other hand, it makes the palette more unique. It has enough neutral shades in there! There are only three metallic shades in this palette because Kendall wanted this. Kylie explained that she needed to fight for these three metallics lol! 

First of all, I love the variety of colors in this palette. It’s easy to create a daily matte, neutral look, or add some slight glitter into the neutral look. If you want to go all out, there’s yellow, orange, green and purple in there as well. From daily to party looks, you can definitely use this palette for all your needs! 

While swatching the palette, I noticed that the palette is pretty powdery. The shadows feel very soft but you’ll have kickback in the pan. I believe this palette is more powdery than other Kylie Cosmetics palettes I own. When you’re using brushes to apply the shadows to the eyes, make sure to tap off the brush in order to prevent fallout on the face. The metallic shades are the most shimmery when applied with a finger but using a brush will make them fade into the look more for a little shimmery touch. 

Even though the palette is powdery, the pigmentation is amazing. I notice more often lately that most of the time powdery shades are more pigmented. If shades need to be slightly powdery in order to create more pigmentation, I don’t really mind the powderiness. I prefer a pigmented shadow over everything else. If you don’t like this, this palette is going to be the one for you. 

Overall, I think this is one of Kylie Cosmetics’ best palettes. The pigmentation is great, the shades are easy to blend, there are lots of looks you can create with this palette, the shadows are soft and not patchy. The only con I see is the powdery shades. Even though it isn’t a huge con to me, it could be a con to you so I want to mention it. 

I can’t wait to play with this palette more often and create daily looks as well as outgoing looks. I’ve never owned a green eyeshadow before so I’m definitely doing a look with that soon and I’ll be sharing it on my Instagram (@beautymoneblog). 

That’s it! Overall I’m really loving this collection and I think Kendall did a good job with creating a collection that represents her. My favorite products are the palette, Lip Blush Kit, and the High Gloss. I’m impressed by the face sticks and I’m excited to play around with the blotting powder and face gloss more often.

Do you have a favorite product in the Kendall Collection? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. This collection is very gorgeous, from the packaging to the colors. I have never seen an eye gloss not get all weird after 5 minutes of wear lol. Those pops of color in the eyeshadow palette are great as well. I always envy your photography.

    xoxo Amanda |

  2. I was waiting for this review from last time we spoke haha! I loved how detailed this review is, great job! Also, you take great photos! From the collection I wanted to try the eyeshadow palette the most but after reading your review I’m impressed with the sticks too! I hope I can get my hands on the palette soon!

    xoxo Olivia |

  3. Oooh! I keep hearing about Kylie Cosmetics but haven’t tried its products yet. Pretty cool that she did a collab with her sister. Wow, the collab products really sold out!! The pricing is not bad either, especially with a discount if you buy a bundle. Love that Kyle Cosmetics are cruelty-free! It is a bummer that the blotting powder didn’t work all that well. The glitter looks interesting. Glad you found some faves!!

    Nancy ✨

  4. I loved reading this! I also love Kylie, Kendall & the rest of the Kardashian family, so I was really excited about this collaboration! I definitely have my eye on the lip kit, high gloss, and the cream products – hopefully there’s a restock soon! Kylie Cosmetics is my favortie brand too and I loved that they went all out with creating new formulas and products for this collection! Thanks for sharing this review! Great photos too! 🙂

  5. You already know this, but I’m so jealous you got your hands on this collection. I genuinely like every single product in this collection and your swatches have just confirmed that further. I’d be really interested to try the Everything Everywhere Gloss but it sucks that it transfers because that means it wouldn’t be very comfortable on your eyelids. This looks like a well thought out collab and I can’t wait to see what looks you create with it

    1. So far, I only created neutral soft looks with the palette but I definitely want to step out of my comfort zone and try more colorful looks. Especially a look with the green shade is on my list!

  6. Babe the photos are so good! I love them, the palette looks better swatched then seen in the pan, I don’t hate it anymore. I want the high gloss and the powder sounds amazing too

  7. I really love the packaging of this collection. It is a bummer that the eye gloss transferred. However, I love the look of the lip bundle and the cream cheek products. I’m still so shocked at the color selection of the palette, but can’t wait to see you do a green look!

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